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Raw carrot helps reduce oestrogen and is more effective when taken with avocado or avocado oil

A few days ago I came across an article that suggested taking a raw carrot every day could help reduce oestrogen activity thereby helping to bring it in balance with progesterone. An imbalance between these two hormones, with oestrogen being higher, is a contributory factor in endo. Endo is oestrogen driven. There are plenty of articles online if you search "carrots oestrogen". This is one I found that references other sources. katedeering.com/2012/11/a-r... It indicates some guidelines on the best way to include raw carrot in the diet without disrupting other processes.

Not wanting to take some stranger's word for it I had a look for any more specific research to back this up and very quickly found the study "Lycopene and other carotenoids inhibit estrogenic activity of 17beta-estradiol and genistein in cancer cells."


The study concludes "These results suggest that dietary carotenoids inhibit estrogen signaling of both 17beta-estradiol and genistein, and attenuate their deleterious effect in hormone-dependent malignancies."

While this study is connected with breast cancer, it has implication for endo. Both diseases are driven by oestrogen dominance, in particular a form of oestrogen known as 17beta-estradiol. Genistein is a phytooestrogen in soy and this study reiterates the need to steer clear of soy. Lycopene is found in tomatoes.

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Hi Brownlow. Glad you're still doing your nutritional research. I often take a carrot to work to have at break instead of a chocolate bar. Had huge cravings for a pork pie today! But resisted. I'm being very strict on this diet but do struggle when I have a bad day like today. Felt great yesterday and did way too much and have suffered all day as a consequence. Lower back ache a real problem and mood dipping. Still no date for my op which is so frustrating. How are you doing? I'm going to have some Ben and Jerry's for Eurovision! Can't give up the dairy completely but am really trying with the gluten free as I know it has a positive effect.

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Hi Dillweed,

Hope you enjoyed the Eurovision....and the Ben and Jerry's!!

I don't find the diet that troublesome...until it comes to crisps. My weakness. I'm pretty strict with the gluten and dairy and make sure I eat plenty of fruit and veg but I still have organic red meat and chicken the odd time. Not following it to the letter. Odd glass of red wine too.

You're on Decapeptyl? I'd say that could certainly account for any low moods. Could you chase them up about the op?

Hope you're feeling better today. x


Hi Brownlow. Eurovision was good and so was the ice cream! I'm going to phone hospital again tomorrow as I also have a meeting with the boss at work tomorrow. I think they're getting a bit impatient with the length of time it is taking. I've not had a good weekend at all. Have felt sick and achy all down my legs. It's odd how I can have a good day and feel normal and then feel wiped out again. I'm hoping it is the cyst and I will feel better when it has been removed. The Decapeptyl is awful and I won't be having any more drugs. As hard as I try to stay positive , I can feel it pulling me down. Not a nice place to be and not the norm for me. It is not due to start wearing off until 1st July.


Hello :) I mostly follow the endo diet but also in the week have most of my veggies raw for dinner, I take raw veg as snacks to work and have a veg juice with some fruit everyday and target those fruits and veggies that have properties to soothe inflammation and help bladder issues as I have interstitial cystitis too. I started thinking I had turned into one of those crazy hippy ladies and went away on holiday where I couldn't follow this way of eating and I was in so much pain, so bloated and my mood and mental state generally was rubbish. It definitely helps me :)


Hi Catness,

I have found it definitely helps me too. Good to hear of your positive experience with the food you eat. I didn't think I had any problem with gluten until I ate some french baguette....and bloated immediately. Really uncomfortable. I worried about becoming a 'fussy eater' but I have my proof now!

Do any specific fruits or veg help with bladder issues? Think I might be developing some problems there. x


Well I always have some freshly juices pineapple as that gets my bowels moving after painkillers, celery is very good for the bladder as is cranberry (but not carton bought - needs to be freshly squeezed), peaches are good for the bladder and kidneys as is cucumber. Fennel is good for regulating excess estrogen, tomatoes for adhesions and scarring, spinach for liver and kidneys (I have spinach everyday), watercress for water retention, apples are good for cleansing the intestines, bananas are apparently good for PMS but I hate bananas, cherries are good for cleansing the intestines, kiwi is good for generally cleansing and energizing, melon cleanses the kidneys, beetroot helps with anemia as it's full of iron, and ginger as it's a natural antibiotic :) xx


Thanks Catness. x


I also discovered the addition of avocado increases the effectiveness of raw carrot. I have changed the title of this thread to reflect this.

From the Wikipedia page on Carotenoids...

"The study found that the addition of both avocado fruit and oil significantly enhanced the subjects' absorption of all carotenoids tested (α-carotene, β-carotene, lycopene, and lutein)."

The research paper is here jn.nutrition.org/content/13...

So it would seem a good idea to add avocado or avocado oil to your raw carrot consumption as the effect is 'significant'.

This is a pretty good article on the benefits of avocado. It is well researched and provides sources. whfoods.com/genpage.php?tna... Avocado has the added benefit of being anti-inflammatory among other things.

I also remember reading avocado oil promotes progesterone production....but I can find no direct research on this.

Additionally, carrots help cleanse the liver.


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