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How endo tissue is influenced

This is a very good blog that rounds up endo research. This latest article is on how endo tissue is influenced. endocomprehensive.blogspot....

It mentions Mullerian theory. It is believed that when we are a developing foetus some cells, the Mullerian cells, grow in the wrong place in our peritonium. These cells are meant to grow in the uterus. They have the same characteristics as the endometrium and when we have too much oestrogen they activate and become endometriosis. This is a simplistic description and it is only a theory.

The article also touches on why progesterone treatment might not work for some women.

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Thanks for this fascinating article Brownlow .I have added this website to my favourites as its one I haven't come across. You must spend a lot of time researching.If only our research translated into results and pain relief, but its good to know that actually research is being carried out.Sending you best wishes.


Hi Daffodil,

How are you doing? I don't visit the board much these days. Find the new set up like wading through treacle!

That website has a subscription facility that alerts you whenever she posts something new. I don't do much research...just pass on all the hard work done by others!


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I am the same since they changed the format of Healthunlocked -just cant keep track of conversations.I notice that a lot of the regulars are not on much,except Impatient who must spend hours a day helping others.

I am not good at all -in chronic pain since last October which I am convinced is endo,but have been passed back and forward to general surgeon,then gastroenterology.Recent endoscopy and colonoscopy showed nothing except a hiatus hernia.Before that was a total carry on,when hospital lost my records twice then after being told I may have cervical and womb cancer and wairing from Feb-end August for a biopsy,it was discovered that I had someone elses scan report.I am sick fed up of NHS and of pain,which they are now just saying is chronic pain syndrome,when


00ps sent before finished - ... I know its still endometriosis.However I have had periods stopped medically for 7 years,so have not bled at all in this time,so I imagine to insist on another lap would be fruitless as it may be missed.Th eonly thing that has ever taken the pain completely away was Decapeptyl and having had 2 yrs of it( as it worked so well) I am not allowed any more.

How are you doing?


Interesting, I wish the doctors I've seen took the approach that excision is the right way to go. That's my feeling.


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