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Just got back from first appointment with Gynaecologist. Not scary at all!

Hi just got back from first appointment with gyn after being referred a few weeks ago by my GP.

I was dredging it. I was scared of the exam (due to pain) and being weighted as i am currently really overweight.

Well it was fine! I didn't have an exam (yet) we talked about my symptoms an she does think it could be endo but also may be a bowel issue. I do have IBS.

I'm having an ultrasound next week and then we will book my lap next week. He says we are looking at the end of May.

I wasn't weighted. Which was a huge relief. My BMI is currently just over 40 so I was terrified he'd say we can't do anything for you, your too fat. He didn't bring up my weight but I did. I told him I would lose as much weight as possible in the mean time which I will.

He asked what I wanted to do to control the bleeding. I told him the bleedings not my main concern it's not pleasesent but I can live with it. The pain is my main focus.

He recommended I get a Merena coil fitted when I have the lap. I've been reading about it but I'm not convinced :-S. Any recommendations?

I'm 28 and have to children I do plan on trying in the next few years. I am married to a women and we will be trying to conceive by IVF or IUI in a clinic. Does the merenda effect chance of conceiving?

Any advice would be greatly received :-)



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Hi kelly85,

I'm glad your appointment with the gynecologist went well as its almost also given me a lift of encouragement because its something that I'm threating to go ahead with.

I personally haven't tried or had the mirena coil fitted but some women here on this forum are very delighted & almost swear by it as it has given them the chance to relax & be carefree about the irregular or uncontrollable bleeding they may have been experiencing.

You mentioned you & your partner are trying to conceive in the near future? - if this is the case you may want to try & delay having the mirena fitted then as one of the common uses of having the mirena coil fitted is to stop the process of the ovary being fertilised & being implanted into the wall of your uterus which helps to conceive a child.

Anyway I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss & further treatment you'll be receiving.



Hi Abenaa. Thanks for your reply.

Iread lots of horror stories about the first appointment before I went and was so tempted to not get out of the car. I even tried to convince myself there was nothing wrong with me and I was imagining it.

It will be at least a year before we are looking at trying so I'm not sure if I should just have it fitted for a year and see if it does help.

I have read about people feeling down and getting depressed with the coil fitted my hormones are already crazy not sure I could handle that.


The mirena is a contraceptive.... So you can't get pregnant while it's in place. The good thing about the mirena is that it can be taken out anytime and fertility returns to normal quite quickly.

The mirena has been great for me at reducing my bleeding but unfortunately it hadn't helped my severe pain.


Thanks for your reply. That's what most people seem to say.

I obviously don't need a contraseptive and the bloods manageable. I would consider having it fitted during the lap but I'm terrified about having it taken out vaginally. I had my smear test a fee weeks ago and it was so painful.


I had a mirena taken out a few years ago..... And honestly it was just like a tampon coming out. Not painful at all


Thank you for that. I was expecting clamps and scary tools.


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