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Just had first appointment with endo specialist and I'm so impressed!

Hey ladies, so I just had my very first appointment with the endo consultant and I've being worrying for weeks that I was going to be fobbed off like I was with my gp and general gynaecologist. Well all I can say is he was amazing! He actually listened to everything I had to say and never once made me feel like I was exaggerating or wasting his time (like my previous experiences) well it turns out during a lap I had in Jan16 (suspected ectopic) the surgeon left a note saying I had suspected endometriosis but couldn't investigate further as they were only looking for ectopic, I was never told this! So the endo consultant strongly believes I have endometriosis so he's skipped all the scans etc and referred me for a lap. He sent me for a pre op so now I just have to wait for a date which is a 4-6 week wait, I'm just so relieved that I'm finally getting somewhere x

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Hey! I'm new here, just browsing everyone's posts aha! It's good you're finally getting sorted and hopefully your lap will come soon. I recently had laparoscopic surgery to remove quite a stubborn cyst from my left ovary and they did the exploratory thing at the same time to determine whether or not I have endometriosis as they suspected (turns out I do). The waiting is definitely the worst of it. Can't believe that first surgeon never even mentioned to you that it could have been endometriosis! And really, shouldn't he have referred you straight on to a specialist?! Shocking. At least you are finally getting there now, and I hope you lap happens soon :) fingers crossed for you x


Thank you ☺ I know that was at my local hospital, the same hospital who has fobbed me off 3 times in the last 2 years! God knows why they didn't think to look at my surgery notes considering that's where I had the lap, I'm just happy I listened to my gut instincts and demanded my gp refer me to an endo specialist at a different hospital (only took 2 years!) Thanks ☺ x


Hey wishing you some answers!!! 😘❤️


Thanks hun ☺ x


Hi Lizzyxx! That’s wonderful news congratulations. It must feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. In case it’s helpful I am posting a few post-lap recovery tips from another question I’ve answered in the hopes they can help you:

I’ve had 4 laps now and have answered this question a few times so if you were to look through my ‘replies’ there will be a number of threads where myself and other people on here have given our ‘tips’ which you may find useful.

A couple off the top of my head however are to take a pillow to hospital so that for the car ride home you can put the pillow between your stomach and your seatbelt as it is quite uncomfortable.

One of the worst pains after the lap is, in my opinion, the trapped gas pain in your shoulder blades as they fill your tummy up with gas to see better. Peppermint tea really helps to disperse the gas as does little walks around the house whenever you feel able.

Also your tummy will be very swollen probably for 2-3 weeks. This is completely normal but it’s good to have clothes ready that aren’t constricting in any way (I like dresses because of this reason)

After the lap you will be quite constipated from the general anaesthetic and the pain killers so until your first bowel movement don’t eat anything too stodgy. I tend to stick to veggies and light meals. Also ask for some Lactulose or Laxido which are stool softeners. The ease the pressure on your tum and make everything a lot easier. And also drink lots of fluids. This helps your digestion but is also just a good idea.

Don’t be surprised if you have a bit of a hard time emotionally after the lap for a couple of weeks. Post-op blues are experienced by many people and it can be quite unexpected. Just try and stay in as-positive-a-mindset as possible. You will get better but you need to give yourself time to heal.

In regards to healing. Best not to put too many expectations on yourself such as you *should* be feeling better by this date. Everyone is different and bodies heal at different rates. I usually take 2 weeks to feel better in myself but 6 to feel totally back to normal. Others will bounce back a lot quicker. But don’t overdo it. Ive just had surgery last week and out of frustration have been doing too much... and now I’m paying the price 😂 it’s not worth it! Round about 2 weeks off work/ uni/ life is about right.

Take your painkillers regularly as opposed to chasing the pain when it comes on. This way you will be far more comfortable and your body won’t have to catch up.

Take some sanitary pads and big comfy Bridget-Jones style knickers to hospital. You WILL wake up with the megalodon of sanitary towels stuffed downstairs and being able to change into something more discreet just makes you feel better or at least does in my case 😂

If possible have someone at home to help you for a few days. It’s just a lot easier if you don’t have to worry about cooking or fixing yourself a meal as those first couple can be a little disorientating and tough. Also it’s just nice to be looked after for a bit!

Also try and remember to ask if you will need a check up with a nurse for wound care, and whether you arrange this or if the hospital does and also when your post-op check up will be and who arranges this.

I hope you find some of that helpful and very best of luck xxxxxx


Thanks for your reply that's really helpful ☺ xxxx

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Thats fantastic news. Sounds like a good gynae, same as mine, hes brilliant. Hope you get sorted. Ive had 2 laps and ovaries removed and you will be a bit sore after and a little uncomfortable next day but you'll be fine. Although i had lots of gas and shoulder pain in first lap it didnt happen again even after tangled ovaries were removed..good luck sweetie x


Thank you ☺ yeah I always suffer badly with trapped gas after surgery it's worse than the incisions lol x


Plenty of hot peppermint drinks..

Good luck x

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