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I have a mirena coil but have been bleeding for 3months solid, gyne wouldn't give me a straight answer as to what might be the cause

I am only 22 years old and I've been living with endo since I was 16. They say they won't operate again and when I had my last examination the doctor was in a rush so I'm worried that I'm not getting the full picture and not enough information about what could be going on.. Just worried.

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Have you only been bleeding solid since having the Mirena?

I bled for 6mths solid when I had it and asked them to remove it.

Did they say why they won't operate again?

Maybe you could ask to be referred somewhere else.


No ive had it in for about two years now and this only started in January, before then I was period free for nearly a year with the exception of spotting occasionally.. They just said because they don't want to cause more damage which I understand as I am quite young but im just worried that they aren't telling me the facts and what might be the cause. :(


It's your body and you have a right to answers, I would ask for a second opinion or ask to go to a different hospital. It is any good for you having the worry and constant bleeding. Are you under an Endo Centre or general Gynecology?


There are blood clotter drugs you can take along with Mirena - one is Tranexamic Acid which you take for 3-4 days a month only. That boosts your blood clotting ablity and should help stop some if not all of whatever is bleeding.

Are you bleeding a full period's worth of blood each day - or just annoying persistant light bleeding?

Is the blood dark or bright red? Darker red or brown sludge would indicate it is just old menstrual lining finally making a break for freedom if the cervical mucus plug around the string of the mirena had fallen out and this should stop when the cervicalmucus plug has had time to build up again.

Have a look on the Mirena.com website FAQs on how it works and there is an illustration there about the cervical mucus plug.

If the bleeding is bright red fresh oxygenated blood then you have an open wound somewhere which is still bleeding - it is more likely that tranexamic acid would help in that regard than it would if the bleeding wasn't fresh - just a backlog of oldmenstrual lining escaping the uterus because the plug had dislodged.

Mid way in the 1st year after my mirena was in and working I had two periods - pretty normal in all respects 1 month apart and I thought the mirena had failed - and was preparing myself for getting it replaced early . Infact it was a one off blip - the cause was unknown- and it settled back and I haven't had any period or even spotting since then at all.

Hope that helps explain things a bit better - and if you are sure that the bleeding is fresh bright red - then ask your GP for Tranexamic Acid or similar clotting drugs to see if that does the trick.


I am bleeding full periods not as bad as they use to be without the coil but still enough. I feel like my hormones are going crazy though im having massive mood swings, feeling tiered all the time spending days in bed. Its not right as I'm normally very active..

It is more oxygenated blood rather than Brown.

I will definitely ask my doctor about that as id rather not change treatments all the time.


Hi hun iv just been though exactly the same as you 3wks ago. Iv had endo since i was 17yrs they oparated then, then 2mths ago it came back got refered back to the hospital and they wouldnt oparate again ( what the hell is going on, budgit cuts i think) I now have the coil iv had it for 3wks at the begining it was awfull i was suffering more with the side affects of that then the endo, luckally its all calmed down now and i feel happy with it, iv just had my first period with it and i only bleed for 10days (just coming off now) but they did say to me at the hosp that some women do bleed for a long time till it calms down its weather you have the will power and patence to wait it out. I would get a doctor to make sure everthing is normal up there with it, then its all down to you weather you can put up with it for a while ! Alot of women say its worth it... And i do strongly agree that no where near enough info is given to us women about endo or the coil, its all down to us to do the leg work.


Hey, yeah I was the same when I had mine out in at first had normal bleeding for a few days whilst it settled then a couple more and was period free then pretty much for a year maybe more, but I've had the coil going on 3years now and the bleeding has been constant since January (thought It had stopped then bled everywhere this morning again)

I just felt like I was being brushed aside with it because they were all in such a rush because they were behind schedule which doesn't seem very fair you know :(


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