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I have my first gyne appt Monday I want to be well prepared what info other than symptoms shall I give them,what questions should I ask?

I know this may sound like a silly question but I want to write everything down, as soon as I was talking to the GP I just got emotional and forgot everything and I got fobbed off and I'm finally getting to see a gyne and I'm not sure what they will want to know and what will happen at the appt and I'm a bit nervous.

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I also get nervous about clinic appointments. If you have a friend take them with you, if not definatley write things down (I do). At the appointment they will probably ask you lots of questions about your pain- where is it, when you get it, what type of pain (sharp pain? dull ache?). Be prepared to talk about sex! It's embarrasing but if you get pain during sex telling the Dr where the pain is and when (during sex? after sex? during orgasm?) can help with diagnosis. It's useful to know dates of things like if you had a urine infection when it was, when the pain started, how long you've been on whatever medication your taking. You will probably have an internal examintaion and you may need to do a urine sample.

At the end of the appointment I always ask the Dr to send me a copy of the letter he will write to my GP as I also forget things

Take a book/magazine to read and a bottle of water as clinic appointments rarely run on time!

Good luck xx


I would agree with all the above and I would say whether taking someone with you or not write down your questions. When I saw gynae last October I went with my partner and he spent the night before writing up all my questions as my brain was so fuzzed I couldn't seem to think and write them down! I had a lot I wanted to ask as it turned out - my questions filled a whole side of A4! I also know how nervous you feel. The night before my app I was a wreck with nerves in case they told me to stop being silly or didn't belve me esp about the fatigue. Our app time


Sorry phone playing up - we got to see gynae an hour after our app time so would agree with endo em about the water and magazine and if you can at all take someone with you for company and support that will help. The one we saw was very good she spent a lot of time explaining things and what our options were. Also she wasn' t fazed by the number of questions we had and she took the time to answer them all. I know its nerve wracking because they are doctors but stick to your guns and get the answers to your questions and if they say something you dont understand ask them what that means.

Hope you get some answers and good luck :) xxx


Check out the Endo-Uk website and download the Pre-diagnosis pack--it will help you to sort out some questions to write down. It's also helpful to write down a potted history (like a timeline) of when your symptoms started and what you have had and who you have seen. This may seem slightly OTT but it's really helpful for the consultant and saves time when you only have a short NHS appointment. Do take someone with you or record what is said on your phone so you can listen to it when you feel calmer at home.Good luck. Hope it goes well x


Thanks everyone, that has really helped, I have written down history and appointments I have had and some questions and will see how it goes, I'm really scared they won't do anything but fingers crossed hope I can sleep tonight!


I'd agree about writing everything down. All your symptoms, everything no matter how embarrassing you may think they are. I took my boyfriend with me but neither of us felt too happy about him being there for the appointment, i tell him most things but there are a few things I'd prefer him not to know, but it was good having some support while waiting.

I asked for a female gyno but got a male, i was really nervous but i found him to be much more sympathetic than the female gps i have seen.

I was basically told by the gyno that from my symptoms and examination that i probably have endo which my gp had told me there was no way it was. I have been on the depo shot since October which made a bit of adifference for a couple of weeks then i was back to the same, gp kept fobbing me off with `you'll be fine in a couple of weeks' it never happened. Started taking mycrogynon begining of jan and was told id be fine in a few days, worked for a couple of weeks, i was my old self for a change but since the past couple of days I'm in hell again. My gp still wont admit that my pain is probably endo and I have to wait till march to see the gyno again. The point im trying to make is make sure you're gyno puts his point across to your gp and that you know what comes next if the treatment he suggests doesnt work cause i am currently stuck in an awful pit of pain and depression with no help at all until march and wouldn't want anyone else to be in this situation. Good luck with everything x


Thank you all for your help it went well and I had all the info that they needed as I had written it all down before. They are booking me in for an MRI scan and lap they said it wont be until April probably but I am just so relieved they are doing something! Wishing you all well x


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