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This my 3rd week of having the Mirena Coil but I have been bleeding since 16th Jan & in constant pain, worse than before it was fitted!

I was previous severly aneamic with servere Endo, hence the coil but I just fell so Ill again, I feel very tired, everything is too much effort, I have stomach cramps & back pain, much worse then before the Mirena Coil. Does anyone else have these problems or an I being dramatic & not giving it enought time to settle. I am sitting a work (office) which is unbearable I just want to go home to bed ;-(

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Hi Molly J

I had a Mirena fitted several years ago, it was certainly uncomfortable for a few weeks but soon settles in, it took about 6 months for the spotting and bleeding to subside completely, but once it had, I was period free for 4 years.....just give it time.

However if you still feel uncomfortable, contact your GP who may be able to offer reassurance and pain relief.

Take care



Thanks Emma, I really do not like the way I feel at the moment just want to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle, which isnt easy when you work........... I think as you say I will try my GP, although I am already on pain killers which makes me feel like a zombie...............

Thanks again for your reply, its always nice to know your not the only one, which it seems like at the time.


Hi MollyJ,

My condition was nowhere near as serious and painful as yours, but I do agree with everything that Emma says. The mirena changed my life and - so far - has allowed me a painfree perimenopause, unlike the previous 40 years. I just hope I can have another one fitted when this one reaches its sell-by, as I'm worried they will think it's not necessary for a post- menopausal woman. Try to give it time, but: yes, meanwhile, see your GP maybe they can give you more targeted pain relief, and check it hasn't moved at all.

Take care.


Hi I had one fitted about 8weeks ago I must admit I had awful pain but I would say give it time as touch wood has settled and sure it will for you. I only ever read negative things about the coil but I am going to give it the 6 months like they suggest. Hope you feel better might be worth getting nurse check its still in place or no infection.


Hi all thanks for your replies, I saw my G P this morning, she took it out, which I am happy about. She has signed me off work for the week & said have bed rest, (which is all I can energy wise do anyway.)She is a believer that yes give it time but regardless of time you know yourself if you feel different. She thinks my body was rejecting it hence I felt so ill. So I guess time will tell now.....


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