Hi I went to see consultant last wed phoned today for my appointment for a lap said I might have to wait for 18 weeks after the doc said 8

What do I do now this has gone on for years I'm 35 now an had problems since I was17 but the last 4 years have been in pain all the time had my gallbladder removed been on zoladex for 6 months an one consultant told me people just get on with it don't no what to do next I'm on oramoph tramadol and metefonic acid every day

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  • Hello, I'm only 18 years old and have suffered from pain for nearly 5 years. My doctor referred me to the nhs who just brushed me off every time. Luckily I have private health. I think you need to book an appointment and go in face to face and explain your situation, they will keep ignoring you and making you wait for as long as you can. If you have a doctor that you trust and know isn't lazy, go and see them. It took me 4 GPs to even get to the nhs.

  • Thank you my sister has just rang to speak to the consultant on my behalf because I was so upset an the consultant has just rang me an said. Someone will be in touch later on this afternoon an my appointment Will be in the next 8 weeks as I have been left for long enough which I am so grateful off xxxx

  • I think nhs have to work within 18 week period from seeing you to dealing with you, I saw my consultant last Tuesday and he said a lap within 6 weeks, I think it depends where you are in the country . Best of luck xx

  • Hi, have you asked to be put on cancellation list. Any appointment i get and have to wait I always phone department n say I can come at short notice and normally speeds up your waiting time. Is worth a try to get it quicker x

  • Definately ask to be put on the cancellation list if you are able to leave work etc with minimum notice, I was waiting to have cysts removed and they phoned me about a week before, my boss was really lovely and let me have the time off once I explained it was a cancellation x

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