Ive been given a caution at work today fir time off illness operation etc, I work for the nhs go figure? Ive contacted my union im so angry apparently its policy. Anybody else had shocking treatment at work. I wanted the thump the woman from hr today, she said sorry but it's policy, I wonder if she has been up night after nightin pain unable to go anywhere because of constant toilet issues etc etc, rant over, thanks for reading anyone who does its just so unfair.

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  • Asda arent very sympathetic, well my store manager is but my actual manager...well lets just say he's a douchebag. We get a green, amber then red warning then a sacking. Didnt have a single warning before valentines day, since then i just received my amber warning on friday....

  • That doesn't seem right, I have contacted my union, have you got any kind of support from a union? Check out the ASda sickness policy make sure you know you're rights. Like its not bad enough that we have this disease totally rubbish

  • As of 4th April 2014, ASDA's sickness/absence policy is changing. If you're off more than twice in 6 months it's instant dismissal!!!!! My Mum just came home with the letter informing her of these changes this morning. I'm so glad I had my operation in January as my Mum took compassionate leave to look after me, otherwise she would be heading for the sack now. Hope you get sorted soon fibobs79 and lcklieone xx

  • I knew it was changing but no-one told me what to and my postman is M.I.A! But thats me sacked in the next 6 months, better get looking for a new job.

  • It's absolutely ridiculous! They're also implementing zero contract hours for new people to come in on too!!!

  • I also work for the nhs and am near losing my job due to sickness and there stupid policy. They just don't understand. X

  • I know who decided to use the Bradford Factor, what a ridiculous policy for people who are really quite ill.

  • I also work for nhs and treated similarly because its 'Policy'. So much for he caring profession.

  • I know how very caring of them, HR are evil they don't care about anybody I know what I would like to do with their policy.

  • I had the same problem with my work. They have an instore policy where if you are off more than 8 times it's the sack and they take away part of your bonus and then all of it. Turns out though when they contact HR for the company they couldn't actually give me a verbal warning for illness because it was an ongoing illness and I was receiveing treatment for it. I've had to give them copies of every letter I get from the hospital and tell them every detail, but at least I don't have anything on my personal file to follow me about. I think it's terrible that no one seems to care that the added pressure of work making life harder makes dealing with this so much harder. I bet if it was something that the world could see it would be different. I hope everything works out ok!

  • Thank you. I'm getting together all my evidence now for an appeal.

  • Bless ya. Im telling them as much as I can but they still feel my absences are not good enough. They even count the time I had off due to miscarriage. I mean surely thats not fair?.

  • Yes they have with me too and it was three years ago! What has happened to people being caring, it's all cold and calculated now.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a HR person with Endo and not all HR people are the same. I have Level 4 Endo and can related to all your comments. I would advice if you can financially, to consider flexible working which may help to manage your Endo and may also help to reduce your sickness levels.

    Be mindful if you have been given a diagnoses over 12months ago then you will be covered under the equality act. However this does not stop organisation from dismissing employees through 'capability due to ill health' Dismissal should only be after all reasonable adjustments have been considered. ASDA, would be consider as a large organisation (If you work for a small employer, it is harder to make reasonable adjustments) so if are dismissed, you do have the right to appeal and then log an ET1 the court will look at the size of the organisation is looked at, a review of all the adjustment etc... And also what the employee has done to help themselves

    Something's else to consider is from February this year, your GP can now refer you to an occupational health adviser to review your capability and review your working environments, following that assessments the OH will write a report and submit it to your GP, employer and you as the employee. It's something else to consider. It's a tool to support your reasonable adjustments. (it is an 80page document, but explains everything that is in place by the government)

    I hope this information helps in some way, during this very difficult time.

    I'm currently on a phased return to work since November (did have another month off in Jan for my Lap) but can only manage mon & wed 4hrs and 6hrs fri total 14 hrs per week!!

  • Its not hr I have a problem with as they are only doing there job. My problem is that it is not supported enough by management. I push my body physically and spend any time off recovering curled up in agony just to repair for the next lot.

  • You are right to lay the blame with the managers - it is not directly the fault of HR - HR are only there for the 'company' and for the managers - not the employees - I think alot of people forget this and to think anything else is very naive.

    I have an HR Director in my family and know how it works.

    When I was taking alot of time off sick, I know for sure that one manager would have loved to have got rid of me - lucky for me - I knew the rules and my rights very well - so I managed to keep my career, well, up to the point that endo made me ill everyday so I just resigned, sadly. Also I had proved myself in the earlier years at the company, giving up weekends and week nights countless times to solve problems at work - so they knew I was dedicated and worked harder than others. So it is also important to display the right attitude, as I am sure you are.

    Unfortunately, the crass rules such as the Bradford factor don't give people with chronic conditions a chance. I'd rather be unemployed than be a manager or HR person implementing such crass and immoral systems.

    You need to control the conversations with HR and let them know that you know what your rights are. However, I am aware that it all depends on length of service and capability to perform the job. This is why I recommend considering strongly what the lady above said, to perhaps offer to reduce your hours until you are well enough to do full time.

    Re Asda - I don't shop there anyway, and now I never will. B*st***ds that they are. And shame on the NHS, but NHS managers and some doctors are responsible for thousands of needless deaths in hospitals every year - so I don't put anything past them... My dad died in hospital, allowed to get dehydrated, whilst being ignored by nurses because they were too busy filling in forms.

  • I tried shorter shifts but found them more tiring. I cant afford to cut my hours due to being the only bread winner. Im at a loose end of what to do next

  • I also work for the NHS and it's taken a year for them to try and sack me because of poor treatment but I do have a complicated history. I would keep searching this forum because there are many discussions about dismissal at work with some helpful tips

  • Hi, I've been through exactly the same as you in NHS! Sounds like the same hr person too! You'd think you'd get a more caring and understanding approach from the health service. Everything is about policy and money in the NHS and in hr they are scared for their own jobs too. It's dog eat dog and bullying is rife in my experience. I'm the same as you with loads of stomach issues and job involved lots of travelling within the area so it was tough when some mornings I couldn't get off the loo! I completely sympathise. I found occupational health fab, ask to see their dr as they have some clout they wrote to hr to say I was covered under the disability discrimination act. Also, definately get the union involved they tore the bullying hr manager and service manager to shreds. In the end though I did take voluntary resignation as I couldn't face anymore. Effectively it was like constructive dismissal but I am glad not to have the stress but the cost was my career. Don't let them do that to you, fight them all the way. Us ladies may be poorly but we are stronger than they give us credit for as little do they know the pain and anguish we get through every day. We have as much to offer as anyone else, we are not just endometriosis and a figure on their books. My advice would be to involve the union straight away to stop them in their tracks xxx

  • Hi thanks for this, sorry to hear you had such a hard time. Have youmanaged or feel well enough to get another job? Did you end up with a caution and were you able to challenge it successfully? Sorry so many questions. Its nice to know I'm not alone. X

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