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Wel today I had my appointment with the pelvic pain team at the hospital. I was dreading it at first because im so tired of having to go through the story of how long ive had the pain etc. Etc. But it was so much better than what I expected! There was a gynaecologist, and endo specialist and a pain psychologist in the room with me all asking questions, and for once i felt like i was finally being heard!! Then the endo specialist went away and came back to tell me she has a cancellation on the 24th when she could do my lap, which im so pleased about because she is so pleasant and understanding unlike the other consultant i had seen! So im another step in the right direction! I have also been prescribed amatriptiline now too for the pain and to help sleep at night but i have been told that it will give me a very groggy hungover effect each morning? Does anyone else take amatriptiline? X

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  • Can I ask where your pain is please? Great you are been taken seriously and getting seen so fast x

  • Its across my lower abdomen and in my right side and groin x

  • My pain is constant in my hips back and lower abdomen going for a hysteroscopy Monday.

    Ultrasound sowed fluid in my uterus and thickend lining of womb. I hope I meet a Gynae as supportive as yours x

  • I was in hospital two weeks ago with the pain and had ultrasound which showed fluid, but the doctor i had then was absolutely horrible and had me in tears 3 times so i am so so relieved that i have got a different doc doing the op now. I hope all goes well for you too, its so difficult at times feeling like nobody understands so talking to everyone on here helps me feel a bit more sane again x

  • I used to take that .. For me personally it didn't help me sleep but when I did eventually sleep, I found it extremely difficult properly waking up and getting out off bed x

  • Im slightly worried about that because i find it difficult at the moment to get up and face the day so its going to be even harder x

  • It's a tough decision to make as everyone deals with side effects differently .. I would consider giving it a try to see if it benefits you x

  • Hi, I've got my first lap on 21st, good luck for yours, are they going to excise endo if found, ??

  • I dont think so not by the sounds of it, think they said if they found any they would talk me through it and then get me back in for a more extensive op x

  • If you've got to be somewhere I wouldn't advise taking them, I really struggled waking up with these and would suggest trialing them when you don't have work etc xx

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