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Hi ladies I'm a new member & was looking a bit of advice, I had surgery 4 weeks past to remove my right ovary & tube I dnt hve a left tube


Due to an ectopic pregnancy many years ago so the surgeon dnt remove my left ovary , I also had a endometrial ablation this all due to painful endometrios , so 4wks on I still hve been having a slight bleed but today I'm in agony & feels like period pains & heavy bleed is this normal ? & I hve to say this is the most painful op I've ever had & feels like forever for my recovery :(

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When is your period due?

If you still have a uterus and an ovary then you still get periods.

Whether the tubes are removed or blocked with adhesions or endo makes no difference, the periods are hormone triggered and the hormones are carried by the blood stream.

The MEA will have cooked some of the uterus lining cells - but just one session is often reported to not cook them all, so chances are you are having period from any remaining endometrial cells still able to function - hence the reduced bleeding.

It may be enough and you can cope with the much lighter bleeds or spotting -or you my feel that you want to have a 2nd procedure done to get the last of them.

the following is taken from the webmd website:



Periods are lighter for around 8 in 10 women who have their womb lining removed.

After a year, about 8 in 10 women say their periods are 'normal'.

Periods stop completely for around 3 in 10 to 5 in 10 women within a year of the operation.

Around three-quarters of women are satisfied after microwave endometrial ablation

Women who have this operation are less likely than before to need a day or two off work each month.

But microwave endometrial ablation doesn't work for everyone. In one study, 6 in 100 women had more than three days' heavy bleeding each month and 11 out of 100 still needed more than twice their usual sanitary protection within a year of their operation.


As this is just one month after the procedure it is too soon to say how effective it has been, but given you only had a light bleed -it looks promising.

I don't know what the time frames are - but I'd give it 4 months or so to see what happens once the MEA and other things done has had a decent chance to heal and settle and if still problem then head back to your GP for referal back to gynae unless they have given you a follow up appointment already.

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