Hi all, I had a lap on Monday to remove a cyst on each overy and clear endo. They also discovered one tube was blocked and one was partially

Blocked. Due to being high risk of eptopic, the dr said our best option is ivf but I'm wondering if we should carry on trying or if anyone with the same issue has had pregnancy success - either naturally or with ivf. I'm very scared that this news will mean no babies :(

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  • Hi, I'm in a similar situation. I had part of my left ovary removed along with cyst 4 years ago. Just had an ultrasound scan which has shown my other ovary has cysts on it now and the tube has liquid in it. Waiting to see gynaecologist to find out more about what it all means. We have been trying to conceive for 6 months and I am now scared to keep trying in case I have an ectopic pregnancy. I am thinking the very worst at the moment too..... :( Sending good wishes your way. xxx

  • My husband keeps saying that we have to stay positive until we know details and I guess he is right. People keep telling me that against all odds people have babies, but it is so hard to stay positive all of the time. Sending you lots of positive thoughts too xx

  • I was the same one blocked and one partially. I ended up having the tubes removed prior to ivf. As a blocked tube contains fluid that is toxic to embryos and you can miscarry. Therefore I was advised to have them removed. Since then I conceived and have a beautiful baby girl following three rounds of ivf xxx

  • Thanks for responding Miwa. Really nice to hear a positive outcome. How long was it between the lap that found the blocked tubes and the removal? Does it involve another lap to remove them? How much time was your recovery? Xx

  • They found they were blocked when they removed my eggs during my first ivf cycle. That is why the first one failed. I got them removed when I had total peritoneal excision surgery a few weeks later. As I was planning to have this surgery in the future anyway. So the surgery was more extensive to recover from than if id had just tubes removed. It is about a two week recovery for a salpingectomy (tubes removed) xxxx

  • I have the same!

    Ive been told to carry on trying for a yr (after already trying for a few) after i have just had the cysts removed and cleared abit of the endo. Then to go for ivf in a year.

    I too have been told im at really high risk of eptopic pregnancy, and my question was that my periods im in such extreme pain its the same signs and symptoms as an eptopic pregnancy so how will i know for sure. And ive been told every time i have extreme pain (which is every month with my period) i have to go to A and E to double check! Im due on first time after the op and first month of trying on tuesday..., A and E here i come.

    Sending lots of hope and wishes you fall naturally soon xx

  • Thanks for replying Sades. Sorry to hear that you will be having this every month. Do you also have blocked tubes? Hoping your AF doesn't show up and you have no pain xx

  • Yes my left is completely blocked and my right is partially blocked. Me too but its on its way, im going to feel abit silly going to A and E when i know its a period as my dates are always spot on. But will prob need the hospital anyway to manage the pain, as my husband is away and im on my own so i usually take, paracetemol, mefemenic acid, codine and oral moph. But they said i prob shouldnt take all that when alone. The joys us women go through. Xx

  • I know!! My friend gave me some good advice earlier, see it as a journey. Your road is a little bumpy with lots of twists and turns but the final destination will be the same. Fingers crossed Xx

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