Hi, I have been suffering from Endo from the past 4 years, I had a big bowel obstruction I had Endo inside my bowels,

I had partial hysterectomy, keyhole op. I have been on antibiotics 4 times due to urine infection. In pain all the time, back stomach hurts a lot. Has anyone tried Mefenamic Acid tablets? Want to know if they work. My GP says they will get rid of Endo.

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  • Yes my doc put me on those when i first started getting severe pain they just took the edge off it but then the pain became more severe so i was put on codiene

  • I used to take codeine, I took morphine and other really strong painkillers nothing helps after a few weeks. I have been given a TENs machine it helps in someway but it doesn't hit the spot where I really need it, my bladder. Have you tried the TENs machine? Can I also ask what you eat during the day on a daily basis, if you don't mind?

    I eat a illite cereal and coffee for breakfast, for lunch it's either homemade soup or energy drink, for dinner soup or nothing.

  • I used Psyllium Husks, (health food shops, Holland and Barrett etc) it carries water through the bowel, I take it religiously every day and it has literally changed my life. It has not improved the endo but it has improved my bowel motions to a nice regular pattern. I used to go 7 days at a time with out going, but this stuff is a natural fibre, no chemicals or mass bowel evacuations like some things!!! I recommend it to everyone, research it, see if its for you x

  • Thank you for that, I will go to Holland and Barrett shop and buy it, hopefully it will help me.

  • Please don't take the Mefenamic Acid tablets as they have something in them that aggravates endometriosis and makes your pain worse.

  • Hi, thank you for that info, I was wondering when the Mefenamic would kick in. I will stop taking them as they have not helped me at all.

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