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Very Personal!



Sorry for this being so personal but I’m just not sure what to do I bleed a lot all the time and during sex and it’s very painful. I have been seei someone for about 6 weeks now and it’s getting serious but worried about the intimate side of things as we haven’t been yet but when we do I know I’ll bleed and it will be very painful.

Has anybody got any advice about stopping bleeding or it being less painful? I understand some people may not want to comment on this due to it being a personal matter. Thanks x

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Hey, I don’t have any advice for the bleeding side of things but the pain I get when I’m intimate with my boyfriend is about one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.

However for the pain it’s really been a matter of trial and error for us, some positions are unbearable and some are ok, then of course there are other things you can try. If you have questions of there’s something specific you would like to ask feel free to message me privately. X

Nat21 in reply to Ari3l

Thank you for the advice :) x

It’s a complete mood killer but take sone painkillers an hour or so beforehand and use lube. I know that sounds awful and it’s not very romantic! Alternatively, try other things that don’t involve actual sex? Or try doing it in the shower - I’m really sorry your going through this. Your not alone though xx

Nat21 in reply to AJJ123

Thank you very much for your advice really appreciate it, helps having lovely people to chat to on this forum x

Hey, before my lap I used to bleed and have horrendous pains during and after. I haven’t had sex since my lap 3 months ago so I don’t know if it’s still the same.

I found going a bit slower helped but also try to be as relaxed as possible. Since you know you’ll be in pain, the body tenses up which can cause more pain and panic.

Talk to them and explain, if they are serious about you, they will understand and be caring about it all. Xxx

Nat21 in reply to princessk09

Thank you so much I had my lap in July aswell and bleeding had been bad just day to day so worried a bit out sex x

Hi Nat21, Sorry to hear what your going through. I am unsure of your medical history, diagnose, e.t.c but was just wondering if you have had a recent smear test ?

I myself, before being diagnosed with Endo had bleeding during sex and a smear revealed I had severe dyskaryosis. This might not be the cause of yours but it’s just a thought ? Please feel free to PM x

Thanks very much not had a smear as I’m too young need to wait a few more years started with endo at 19 now 21 they won’t do a smear til 25 :) xx

Jess96 in reply to Nat21

Hi, I had a smear test when I was about 18/19, due to my symptoms of the undiagnosed endo at the time. It might be worth asking your GP if you could have one. I hope you get some answers soon. I suffer from painful intercourse to the point where I can't do it, so I understand how you feel x

Nat21 in reply to Jess96

They mentioned it at my last appointment they aren’t going to do one and thank you I’ll ask again x

Hello im on norethisterone 10 mg to stop my piredos u can give ur self a brake too but they work fast for me and help my endos to x

Nat21 in reply to alarna1994

Thanks :)

Hi - I've had problems with continuous bleeding on and off (regardless of sexual activity) and painful sex for about the last ten years. I tend to find sex is ok at the time but the following day I will be in agony and bleeding.

Three things have helped but not permanent solutions as I have recurrent endo.

- Excision surgery

- Prostap

- Pregnancy/breastfeeding

I also have an incredibly understanding and supportive partner who has been with me the last ten years since my endo became severe.

Try and talk to your partner and say look I have a health condition called endometriosis (do you know what that is? if not say -->) - it's likely my immune system doesn't work properly and because of this cells from inside my womb grow elsewhere in my body. Every month when I have my period those cells grow and bleed causing pain and inflammation. It can affect sex and cause me pain so I'm really worried about it as we're getting closer and I don't want it to affect our relationship.

You can always copy/paste the above and show them if you feel embarrassed. x

Nat21 in reply to applebird

Thank you so much x

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