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Should I find a new Endo specialist?

I have stage 4 endo . I had 5 hrs. of surgery 3years ago w/complications. It has possibly moved inside my bowels. Could possibly have to have colostomy bag and endo specialist wants to save my only ovary if she does the hysterectomy. Don't really know if that is good? Now wants me to take lupron shot or another pill. Why is she so against surgery. She keeps saying that the surgery would be the last option because it's a huge health risk. Is it better to have the surgery or leave it in me? I'm so confused on what to do?

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Hi BridgetP are you with an accredited BSGE endo specialist centre??? WWW.BSGE.ORG.UK go to the tab for endometriosis centres ( top middle) and choose axcredited centres. Scroll down the list to see them. You can also find centres that are provisional/ aspiring. X



I am the same have been told I need a hystomectony and will have to have a bag as my bowel is so badly damaged I have asked for a second opinion with nhs and am waiting for an appointment I have also found a private clinic down in West Yorkshire who might be able to do op to save me having to get hystomectony and bag without doing any further damage to bowels going to get second opinion from nhs and then might go down the private route. I am doing the endo cleanse diet to see if that will help my symptoms the book take control of your endometriosis by henrietta norton is well worth a read I am on day 6 now andalready feel I have more energy and my bowel movements are a lot easier.

Thinking of you gigie x

Oh forgot to say have lost 5lb also so that's a good thing xx



I have endo as well, mine has also reached my lung and I have been on Lupron for 2.5 years (in my opinion is too long). My dr keeps insisting I too get my ovaries removed but I refuse, I want to keep my ovaries as long as possible. I have read the side effects from having them removed and they seem worse then keeping them. Go to this link for some info from the Mayo clinic on having a Oophorectomy (removing your ovaries) and maybe do some searches of you own on Lupron side effects there are many, but may help until you find a better solution that works for you. Good luck!



Your specialist is right. A hysterectomy is performed as a last option when nothing else can be done. It's crucial to try all possibilities before they even consider it x


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