I saw an Endo specialist yesterday

The appointment went well. The specialist was really good. She will be doing a hysterectomy and removing my troublesome right ovary. My left ovary will be staying so I will not need HRT. She is also leaving my cervix in. She will also be "shaving" my bowel as there is endometriosis on it. My uteral sacral ligaments are also going... Thankfully she will be doing the surgery laparoscopically !

It was so nice to be listened to. She said that with adenomyosis as extensive as mine is there really is only one option and that is a hysterectomy.

How is everyone today ?

Barbara x

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  • Hi Barbara,

    Great to hear some good news about an endo specialist talking sense! Did you tell her about the Decapeptyl nonsense? So glad you now have a clear plan of action that you are happy with.

    Do you have a cyst on your left ovary or is it ok?


  • Good morning Brownlow.

    I hope you are ok xx

    Yes I did tell her about the decapeptyl and I explained about the migraines. She really didn't seem a great fan of GNRH !

    My left ovary has been quite well behaved. It's attached to my uterus but seems to have been Endo free over the last 22 years. The ovary has multiply small cysts as I also have PCOS. But compared to the right, it looks in good shape !

    How are you doing ?

    Barbara x

  • Hi Barbara,

    I love your new doctor! She sounds great!

    I'm doing really well. Got my period on Sunday, 4 days early but....TMI warning.....not that heavy, no brown blood, very little pain, no huge energy dip. I managed to keep going and do housework etc. Just to be on the safe side I stayed in on Monday but mostly felt 'normal'. My pain is now confined to my right ovary. I think my left ovary was the busy one this time so I'll be interested to see how things will be next month.

    Managed to get a follow up appointment for breast lump next Monday. But I'm used to being sick so whatever the news is I'll deal with it....and then go off on a great holiday!

    Hope you're well today. x

  • Oh bless you! I'm really thinking of you....

    My period made it's arrival heard during the night! It's throwing all it can at me ! I'm struggling off to work until 1430 and then working a night shift !

    Not sure I will be able to get through today ! One small step at a time !


  • Thinking of you too. I really don't know how you do it. I didn't realise you did night shifts too. You should get a medal for bravery! x

  • I blame the children....... They keep expecting food !


  • Hi you two. Looks like we're all on this morning! Been awake since 3am so very glad not at work today. Can't seem to shift off the sofa. Very stressed about upcoming surgery and bowel prep.

  • Ladies..... We need a cyber holiday !

  • Definitly a cyber holiday would cheer us ! My kids are away this week with their Dad to Paris -so I fancy some sightseeing and then a nice trip down to the south of France-Antibes was a favourite of mine in my inter-railing days. Yes ,we could each have a partner of choice too .the lovely David always a must.

    I am still using the old forum as seesm to be a few problems with new one?

  • Definitely. Perhaps we could borrow David!

  • Hi cuddlybarb,

    don't know where my original reply went as i had replied to this earlier.

    i am pleased to hear that you are being listened to and attempts are being made to try make you as comfortable as possible and that you are happy with the treatment options. wishing you all the best x

  • Great news - really pleased for you and sounds like a good plan. Best wishes x

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