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Is this all normal?


I had my 2nd lap last Wednesday. I had my 1st over 14 years ago to remove an ovarian cyst. This time, after having been back and forward to docs over many years, I had a few things done at once. I had: Laparoscopy to remove cyst; colposcopy, hysteroscopy, biopsy, cryotherapy, and lasor treatment. I was in surgery for over 2 1/2 hours. When I came round, i was wheeled into a day ward. No-one spoke to me. I was in so much pain in my shoulder, ( which I knew to expect), but also in my chest. I was told to get up and get dressed after 1/2 an hour. I was given a small cup of water. I felt totally out of it. I asked what had been found during surgery, and the nurse said she wasn't sure, but that they had found endometriosis. I was then taken to a waiting room and told to text my partner to come and collect me. I was in so much pain. Felt dizzy, weak, still feeling effects of anesthetic. I just couldn't believe that I was being sent home less than hour after surgery! I asked a nurse for some more water, who then asked if I was ok. I said NO! I was put back on a bed for 5 minutes till my partner came for me.

It is now Monday, and I'm still in a lot of pain. I am losing a lot of blood, and feel very weak. I have had my appointment to see my consultant - 1 May!!! OMG. I am totally appalled at this whole procedure. I have had no information about what to expect after all this surgery. I am popping the paracetemol and ibuprofen to try and ease the pain. I have always suspected endometriosis, but never had it diagnosed. I have been getting contraction like pain the past few days. This is excruciating! Has anyone else experienced this? I feel so alone with all this. Just because all you can see is 2 small wounds on my belly button and lower tummy, there is so much more going on inside. I feel like i have been stamped on by a bull!!! Wasn't like this last time. :(

Just been to docs and they were horrified. Have been given Metronidazole and told total bed rest!

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You poor thing that's horrible!!!

I'd complain to the head of the hospital. You shouldn't be even considered for home for at least 2 hours and that's only if you feel fine.

I'm not sure your meant to bleed? Did the dr say that's ok? I didn't bleed after my lap?

If you feel something is wrong then go to a&e, I did and I ended up having one of the largest abbesses the surgical nurse had even seen. It was only 3 days after my lap.

They treated you very badly, your meant to be able to keep a meal down before they let you go and if you said you still felt bad they shouldn't of let you leave at all!!! Those pain killers the dr gave you are good, they are designed for feminine pains. If they don't work ask for oxycodone x x x


I think you have reason to make a formal complaint against the hospital. Please contact the patient liaison office. You have been treated appallingly.

Get your GP to also write to the hospital on your behalf.

Take care x


Metronidazole is not a pain killer, it's an antibiotic. I hope you feel better soon, how awful!!! xxx


Thanks for replying. The antibiotics totally wiped me off my feet yesterday. They also leave a horrible taste in your mouth. Have woken up this morning and feel really nauseous. Just wish everything wasn't a battle with the hospital. Just want to feel fit n healthy. I work, have 2 children, I'm studying for a degree, and my fiancé is recovering from leukaemia. ( had a transplant 4 years ago, got the all clear in January). We are getting married in July. I don't have time to be off my feet. Too many people rely on me. Ok. I'm going off on one now. Sorry.



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