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Hi everyone I'm in the process of being diagnosed with endometriosis I had a scan which I was told by my gp I have an endometriosis cyst I've had blood tests but waiting to go and see a gynaecologist This past week has been hell im in so much pain my stomach feels like it's going to explode my left pelvis feels like it's on fire is there any thing I can take or do to help with the pain

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Sorry to hear that. If it's pain linked to endometriosis then I would call your gp, mine has been really good with giving me stronger, prescription pain relief when I've needed it x

Thank u am going to go to see my gp tomorrow so fingers crossed they will give me some strong painkillers x

Call your gp tomorrow have them do prescription for some painkillers they will want to see you or at least should I had endometrial cyst quite big and was waiting for tests and Mri to see what it was made up of and what it was attached to as my consultant didn't think it was safe to remove without these pre tests unfortunately I was admitted as emergency with suspected cyst rupture which it was and had op 28 days ago and had my Mri 8 days ago as still in lot of pain and symptoms seem worse since op, diclofenic for inflamation tramadol or co codomal both of which you can have paracetomal and gabapentin was my combo so I could have dull pain days instead of severe pains X good luck and hope you get some answers and relief soon take care and hear of you need an ear X

Thank u so much I went to the hospital this evening as the pain was so bad they did some blood tests and sent me away again they told me to go to my gp and get some strong painkillers as they don't like to give them out ! I've got 3 12 hour shifts coming up not sure how I'm going to be able to stand up for that long without doubling over in pain x

That's ridiculous Hun, can't believe they don't like given them out that's very poor, my local hospital is brill as I have always been given medication to help me through the night at least, and if you under a gynea consultant they should have paged the ward to have you checked over, I have been told and have been admitted many times as they can't get my pain under control with medication, poor you 12 hour shifts for 3 days is no use you will be exhausted X

I no I think they don't believe me half the time I'm so exhausted have no energy at all going to speak to my gp about getting signed off work for a while just until I get my energy back at the moment even at 8 hour shift is killing me x

Shame i know how you feeling I feel like all I do is complain about being ill and people just don't understand the daily struggle I have, being signed of would be best for you as you so exhausted that mistake can happen so tell them you doing it for company benifit also even thought it's for your health good luck xx

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