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Food aversion - can’t eat!


Hi all,

Am currently waiting for my laparoscopy expected to happen later on this month.

Since my last period I’ve been off sick from work as I just feel really unwell, I had diarrhea for the whole of my period and that’s ok now but I have the worst appetite ever, food repulses me and I’m already slim so losing weight is really bad. I will get some food I really like eat a couple of mouthfuls and then it’s like I can’t even chew it without feeling like I’m going to gag, and I’ve got this weird gassy nausea all the time.

Has anyone else had this and what did you do to fix?

If the everyday pain wasn’t enough now I can’t even eat :(

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Hi, sorry you are feeling so ill. I get this too, it is dreadful. I have had a resection due to endo and have IBS so my stomach can be a bit temperamental. I am also being investigated for bile acid diarrhoea. I take probiotic tablets, and avoid processed food. I eat a plant based diet and no dairy (as it made me too ill). I generally eat small and often anyway as it makes me feel sick eating big meals. I am prone to suffer with gastritis which makes it really hard to eat (similar to what you describe), I got omeprazole and peppermint tablets from the doctors which helped. When I can't eat I try to make smoothies with protein powder/peanut butter etc to try to avoid losing weight. x

Hi really sorry you are going through this. I have always had bad nausea and diarrhoea with ovulation and periods but this last time my endo came back after surgery the nausea was so horrendous I was off work for five months as I couldn’t move or eat, let alone work. I had to not eat in the morning, live off fresh ginger tea, liquid diet and max dose of prochlorperazine which the doctor can give you. Literally if I went for a five minute walk I would be on the bathroom floor trying not to vomit for up to two hours, and if I had so much as one mouthful of food I would need the toilet immediately and feel so sick. Turns out this time I had a small nodule on the bowel. As soon as I had my op the nausea vanished. Fresh ginger tea helps ( grate the ginger into boiling water), James wight does little ginger zinger l shots from Holland and Barrett, I would ask the doc for cyclizine first then prochlorperazine which is stronger. Try and avoid getting stressed or exercising/ overdoing it with periods and ovulation. I would also ask the doctor for diazepam as surgery is stressful so this may be making the nausea worse. Endo can cause horrendous nausea so fingers crossed your lap will sort things xxx take care xxx

The nausea for me the previous two ops prior to this latest one was huge pools of blood in my abdomen - the body seriously doesn’t like blood being where it shouldn’t!! It might just be this, especially as your nausea is post period xxx

Thanks Flynn, I’ve only been off work for 2 weeks. Dr wanted to sign me off again but I think I’m going to work from home as no sick pay even though I’m really struggling :(

Fingers crossed they find something and can fix it in my lap xxx

Symptoms like this was the reason I decided I had to see a doctor then I found out I had endo. The nausea and not eating was awful. It turned out I had lots of endo and some on bowels. Likely the general irritation and tugging in the abdomen was causing the nausea and weight loss. It’s horrific, but you are not alone. TThe laproscopy will be over before you know it. Eight months later I’m eating like a real person and 5 kg heavier. Wishing your strength. X

Thanks, I am pretty convinced I have endo on my bowels because of all the nausea and the pain I get when I need to go (sorry TMI)

It’s such an awful disease tests every part of you. X

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