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Worried about my diagnostic laparoscopy - do you think I have endo?

I am having a diagnostic lap in a few weeks however I'm worried the results won't show anything. I have suffered with my periods always and went on the pill aged 14. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS & about 12months ago my period pain became unbearable a week before and after my periods therefore I was always in pain - pain concentrated on my left pelvis area. It even hurt to walk or bend over. I also had breakthrough bleeding which I've never had before.

I now take 3 months of pills back to back as I can't handle the pain. I have a constant dull ache on my left pelvis area and this gets worse when I need to have a no.2 and when I'm on my period I get a sharp shooting pain right up my bottom I almost pass out when going to the loo.

I had an ultrasound, smear, bloods and internal exam. and all was ok. I'm just worried now that the lap won't show anything and I have no clue what is wrong with me.

Does this sound like endo to you? All advice greatly appreciated :)

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Hi had all same symptoms as you all of them I had a lap yesterday an found endo in for places an my right fallopin tube was covered in endo the managed to remove it so got to wait see now but I had same worry they wouldn't find anything an they did I had all same symptoms every one I evened diagnosed with ibs last year xxxx


Thank you for your advice it's interesting to know that others have experienced the same as me and felt the same way. Wishing you all the best and hope your symptoms improve after your laparoscopy xxxxx


If they don't find anything endo wise - then that's great news, it doesn;t rule out the hidden endo which is actually a separate disease called adenomyosis or adeno for short which cannot be seen at lap ops and is inside the muscle walls of the uterus and some speculate is also the same inside bowel walls too.

So a clear lap is good news but you should then press for an MRI scan preferably when you are hving a period as any trapped bleeds in the muscles will show up as lumpy swellings and then you know you have adeno.

You can have both or you can have one or the other..or neither.

a lap op is just one of a host of of diagnostic tools to narrow down the search of what is causing pain.


Thanks for replying too its interesting to know what step to take after the lap if it's clear - I just want to know what is causing my problems so I can get them fixed and stop feeling this way. X


I'm not a doctor but everything u have said I've had & I've got stage 5 endo, Adomeniosis & polyisitc overies. Don't be concerned about the op that's what they are there to do find out what's wrong & u get some relief following it for a while. X


Thanks for replying like I said to Claire it's interesting to know others have had similar symptoms to me and I'm feeling more optimistic about the lap now. My doc told me that 50% of laps show nothing so I was starting to think is their any point? Thank you for your advice :) best wishes xxxx


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