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I think i have endo :(

For the past five months i have been suffering from pelvic pain. I find the pain difficult to describe. It is mostly where the hip joint is but sometimes can be felt just under my ribs and sometimes i have back pain too (kidney area).

My periods are regular have a 25/26 day cycle and i have some clotting. I dont have bad period pain but do get very tired the day before my period.

The pain came on suddenly and was a dull achey pain to begin with, sometimes it would be painful at night and i found it difficult too sleep. It has got better over the last 2 months and i only feel the pain now when i sneeze, cough, bend over or stretch too much. When the pain comes it feels like all the muscles in my stomach are pulling and it feels bruised inside.

I would describe the pain as mild until one of the things above happens then its moderate. The symptom im finding the hardest is fatigue. Im constantly tired and struggling at work because of this.

I have been for an ultrasound which showed nothing, had a ca125 blood test which was fine and had other blood tests (kidney,liver,anaemic) which came back ok.

Tomorrow i have an appointment with the consultant so i guess i will find out a bit more.

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I had the same, gp sent me for an internal ultra sound as she thought i had an infection. Turned out to be a cyst on the ovary. This lead to me seeing a consultant and further things being found. Would ask then if cyst is possible n if they can send you for a scan.


I had a large ovarian cyst removed about 10 yrs ago and that in itself can cause adhesions. When I had the oblation, she did remove a large polyp so that should be helping pain a little bit too


I have had a scan and it showed no cysts, my mum had ovarian cancer so was really concerned about it been a cyst.


When I had my abdominal and transvaginal scans, I was told I had small cysts on my ovaries (and fybroid) which were insignificant (this happened twice), however I went on to be diagnosed with Endo on both Ovaries. These types of scans are not definitive in diagnosing Endo, only a Laparoscopy will, if this is what you would like, you must push for one.

The pain and fatigue are awful. I am in daily pain (5 months) and on a cocktail of meds which obviously make me sleepy, but, before all this I was constantly tired, I only worked part time, which I just about managed, but, as soon as I was home with a coffee I would crash out on the sofa, or even, at times, have to go straight to bed. I knew this wasn't me, as I would previously be known to have a quick coffee, then get outside, digging and creating a vegetable patch (a mammoth task as the area was waist high in weeds, brambles, deep tree roots etc. - but I loved it) or get stuck into DIY which I have always done myself. I got fed up with feeling like that, but came to the conclusion I was just being lazy or depressed and this just made me feel worse. Now I know there is a reason, it is a weight lifted off my shoulders, and others around me can now understand why I felt/feel that way.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow, remember to tell him about the fatigue and how it is affecting your daily life. Maybe take a note of the questions you want to ask/ things you want to point out, as we all so often go blank when we get in there.

Hang in there and good luck, and DO NOT BE FOBBED OFF!! xxx


There is no way to diagnose or know if you have Endo without doing a laprascotomy. You cant see it on an ultrasound.


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