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Do I have the laparoscopy?

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Hi Everyone.

So a bit of background. I had a laparoscopy and I was diagnosed with a small amount of endo nearly 3 years ago. They fitted me with the Mirena coil. I have always suffered with lower back pain and pain in my pelvis and right leg. When I first had the surgery symptoms did improve but in the last 12 months my leg and hip pain got worse. Which I have posted about on here before. I then started getting intense shooting pains across my pelvis so I had an ultrasound.

The results came back and the doctors letter I have attached to this post. I was just wondering what people's thoughts were on this I cant leave things as she has put at the end of the letter to see how things go because it still doesn't explain the pain. I am worried that if I have a laparoscopy that in a weird way if they find nothing I am back to square one in not knowing what is causing me this daily pain and discomfort :(

Any words of wisdom or advice would be really helpful.

Thanks x

14 Replies

I'm in a similar position, I had an ultrasound which came back clear but the pain is definitely getting worse and I fear a lap wouldn't find anything, but I think it's worth it?? They keep telling me I'm too young (utter bull) and to hold out til I want kids but tbh if the pain is bad and the option is available to you, I'd do it, then if they DO find nothing, you may be back at square 1 but at least you have one less avenue to explore! Wishing you all the best x

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Thank you that is good advice. I'm sorry that You are in the same boat x

I would say that the advice someone was given to "wait till you have kids" is particularly poor advice. As endo can stop you falling pregnant. In fact laparoscopy was one of the things offered to me for infertility investigation.

I would say it's better to have a lap sooner rather than later as if they find something they can treat it before it gets any bigger. But I would also suggest that you do checks on the person who would be carrying out the lap, to see how much experience they have with endo. Hope that helps x

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Ps I just read back your earlier post... presumably they have fully investigated any bowel issues and checked that it's not a bowel issue causing you shooting pains?

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I they haven't investigated anything with my bowel. When I had my last laparoscopy they said I had an inflamed bowel and they put me on laxatives but haven done anymore on the bowel.

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I've had doctors tell me I'm too young for endo and a fibroid and my pain is just period cramps. Its super frustrating. But my ultrasound showed I had a fibroid but didn't show any endo. They suggested a diagnostic lap for my fibroid and while they did that they also found I have endo. So I think a laparoscopy is good because itll be more clear and exact than an ultrasound so you can explore options from there.

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Just because there is no evidence of cysts, does not mean that the endometriosis has not grown. It doesn't show on an ultrasound, so could very well be there.

The only true way to diagnose endo is through surgery. An ultrasound cannot be trusted in these circumstances. I would suggest having the laparoscopic surgery done in order to rule things out. It is a fairly 'easy' surgery to go through and recover from. I had laparoscopic surgery done 5 days ago for infertility. They found extensive endo during the surgery. I have never had any symptoms of endo, so it came as a complete surprise. Without the surgery I may have never found out about it. Talk with your doctor about laparoscopic exploratory surgery and decide if that's an avenue you want to take.

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Yes I think I'm going to. I've already had a laparoscopy before so know what to expect. I've tried talking to some of my friends about it but it's hard because they don't understand it. Hence posting on here to help make my decision.

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I'm sorry to hear that your friends aren't understanding. Lucky them that they can't relate! Having health issues is terrible. I hope you get some answers soon. The not knowing part is often more difficult to accept than a diagnosis.

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Can I ask how you were originally diagnosed with endo as it doesn't sound as if you've had a lap before? An ultra sound cannot diagnose endo accurately only a lap can

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Harry89 in reply to sanchia46

I had a laparoscopy nearly 3 years ago

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Sorry for not being clear enough this will be my second lap if I go for it. I was just asking people's advice about whether to go for a second one as the last time it only showed up to have a small amount and they fitted me with the coil so I'm not likely to have more am I?

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sanchia46 in reply to Harry89

Take out the coil

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