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what do you think of these symptoms?

hi, i have said previously, no diagnosis as yet, still fighting for my first lap as have had ultrasounds, hysteroscopy, mri's - thickened endometrium, fibroids, general cysts were found, here is a brief description of my main symptoms:

*extremely heavy, erratic periods with contraction pain when on period

*mirena fitted, still erratic periods, still bledding more than not, still having contraction type pain

*lower left pelvic and back pain, sometimes down the leg, a tugging, pulling feeling with sharp, stabbing episodes of pain - they have since discovered a large chocolate cyst (they think it is anyway, they haven't confirmed as yet but they know something is there, waiting for rescan in a few weeks)

*pain also in lower pelvis across the front and sometimes right side

*pain when opening bowels, most times not everytime

*sometimes my pelvis feels like it belongs to an elderly woman, especially after being sat down for a little while or first thing in the mornings, i can end up barely able to walk upright for a while, but other times i can

*the same sort of pelvic pain after sex, i suffer for days afterwards, even though my husband is very gentle, i now just avoid as so scared of the pain after

*headaches almost all the time

*then added to all that the feeling of not remembering a day without being in some sort of pain, feeling low or extremely angry, having to scale down my working hours

i have many more symptoms but these are the main ones - i'm age 40 with 2 older children, always had difficult periods as in they have ruled my life, last 5 yrs have become unbearable, around 18months of investigations.

sorry i know i said i'd be brief, i just wanted to know if anyone with endo whether these symptoms relate to it, i keep telling myself that i won't have endo even though my gp is convinced it is, but i have to keep believing it wont be all the while i dont know for sure xxx

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large chocolate cyst on left ovary i should've said xx


If it's a chocolate cyst I was told that these develop because of endometriosis. When the cells hemorrhage they from blood filled cysts. x


they haven't confirmed it as a chocolate cyst, but that is what they suspect it is, my gp was pretty convinced it was, and i am now thinking that dreaded day will come of the endo diagnosis, as like you say a choc cyst is caused through endo xxx


i have had endo since i was 14 and over the years it has got worse just like you i had pains and i started of by getting heavy periods, headaches,dizzy etc as time went on the endo got worse and my periods went to every 3 months they then went to 5 months i had a laproscopy in November which confirmed what was already known by myself and the doctor that i have endo i also have poly cystic ovary's (you might have pcos or endo) im just telling you about my symptoms i then had the laproscopy now in may i have the same problem .. no periods its been 5 months now and i get so much pain i cant even go shopping without needing to sit down and a few times ive fainted and even felt my eyes go blurry.

i hope you haven't got endometrosis

and i wish you luck

if you ever need to talk im here to talk to and im sure many other girls in this situation on here will be here to talk to.

its a hard situation to go through.. i wonder why me everyday

and im always thinking what if i cant have children in the future?


im now nearly 21


thank you - i am really hoping its not endo too, i am so surprised at how many people know nothing about this condition, or that you have some treatment such as a lap or hysterectomy and job done, you're cured, the embarassing bodies episode made it seem like that too.

this site is a comfort, whether i have endo or not, just to know that i'm not going mad and these symptoms exist is a comfort xxx


Hi worth71, your symptoms are exactly the same as mine. I have fibroids outside my uterus, had laps for removal of endo and once for an ovarian cyst. I also have mirena but still get contraction like pains.


yes my fibroids are outside the uterus, at the time (april 2011) they said they weren't too large and nothing to worry about, but they never seem to listen to my symptoms just keep fobbing me off, after my next scan in a few weeks my gp is referring me back to gynae and i will be pushing things this time, as opposed to just running along because they tell me everything is fine - my sister had huge fibroids inside her uterus, along with polyps, she had a hysterectomy around 4 yrs ago and her life changed so much - i get the feeling i wont be so lucky xxx


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