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I am on Decapeptyl and Livial. How long does flare up last?

I had my first decapeptyl injection on 24/2. It was my painful week and the flare up started from day 2 and I pass out because of pain.

When I had Zoladex 2 years ago I remembered that the flare up wasn't this bad but I didn't have it on my painful week. I forgot about the flare and the consultant didn't mention it at all. I have been suffering with with agonising flare pain since 24/2, Declofenac, Co-codamol, Solpadole, Buscopan, none of them last a day without pain.

I am due period this weekend. Would I get flared up period pain too? How should I prepare for it? I have some slow release Tramadol which was the last resort as it will space me out and won't touch much pain. It is slow release so it may be too late to take it as I can't take it until Thursday night (until I finish working for the week). I could go to GP tomorrow morning before work and get some different painkiller if there is a miracle tablets. I try not do much this weekend.

How long does flare up last? I had Decapeptyl about 10 days ago now. Well everyone is different. How long does your flare up last? Thanks

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Difficult to say how long the flare will last.I was on decapeptyl for 2years and it was miraculous.I was told that with any new hormonal treatment the body can take from a month to 3 months to adjust.I was completely pain free within 1month.I had monthly injections and I think the 3 monthly are perhaps in larger quantities,so may take body longer to adjust.Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones,like me !

Do go to Gp and get stronger pain relief to tide you over.You will certainly know if decapeptyl is working as the pain goes very quickly once you are no longer bleeding.It may also depend on what time in your cycle you had the jab .I was lucky in that it stopped my period in the 1st month.

Try the tramadol slow release -this should not space you out as much as the normal ones.Also ask what you can take at same time.I take dihydrocodeine,tramadol,paracetamol ,gabapentin all at 4-6 hourly intervals.This is what pain clinic advised.Unfortunately for me at present this is not giving relief but my Gp is reluctant to give me more in case of addiction to pethidene.

Do let us know how it goes as we are all here for you.



I couldn't get GP appointment but managed to talk to one of the doctor on the phone. All he can give me is Tramadol and Diclofenac/naproxen which I all have at home. He said take the combination of them and see how it goes.

I was working until 7pm and have to commute by car so I didn't want to take Tramadol until I come home. I took Tramadol after having evening meal but it was too late as I feel the bad pain was coming. I quickly took the tramadol tablet but the pain was awful. I passed out and awake with some more pain.

But I didn't have anymore further bad pain. I suffered nausea all night so I didn't have much sleep. So I got anti sickness tablet Metoclopramide so I hope I can cope with it few more days until my period pain goes.



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