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How long does it take to recover after a lap. I am having 5cm cysts Removed from both ovaries. Consultant thinks this is endo!


Hi, I'm 29. Was on pill for 11 years. After coming off the pill about 6 months later

I started getting harendous period pain on day 1 and 2 of period as well as spotting 5 days prior. I knew something wasnt right. Went to docs several times and got fobbed off and sent home with naxoprofen. This helps with pain at period time. We want a baby and after 2 years nothing. Went back to docs and pushed for tests. They have sent me to the hosp and so far hsg is clear and blood tests ok. My ultra sound scan showed 5cm cysts on both ovaries. I'm getting a lap in 12 weeks to remove and have been put on ivf list! Never ever thought this would happen to me! You just take it for granted they you can have babies. Glad I went to docs and pushed. For anyone reading this-do not the GPS

Fob you off, they are usually inexperienced with this so keep pushing if you have a feeling something's not right! It took me 2 years to get answers. At 29 I feel like I've wasted time in terms of my fertility clock!

Does anyone know if 5cm cysts of endo is mild, moderate or severe endo?

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I'm also 29 and about to have Ivf, I had one lap last month and having another next month, I had 5 cysts the biggest being 15cm, to complicate things further I have an AMH of 2 (blood test to indicate ovarian reserve) this number should be in its 20s, I'm on the cusp of being refused NHS treatment as its unlikely to work, they have told me I will probably need donor eggs, so wish I had known sooner the damage endo has done, I was also on the pill for years which could of been masking my symptoms.

I had 5 days off for my lap but I know that's not much compared to most, the average seems to be 2 weeks but there's some having 4-6 weeks. Everyone reacts different to surgery I guess

Any questions at all let me know

Lilly x

Hi, our stories seem very similar, I was on the pill for many years and when I came off it the pain came and OMG it was really bad at times. We had been TTC for 2 years and eventually went for tests. I had a lap and it took my about 2 weeks to get back to normal. I don't think there's any point speculating at this point how bad it may be, wait until you have the lap and see what they find. Mine was servere which was a massive shock to me but yours might not be. Regards fertility you may find a lot of support on fertility friends, I know I did and there's also a lot of people on there with endo.

Take care.


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It's strange how many people are in the same situation. Thanks for your advice, hopefully I will know more after my operation.

Can a lap help you get pregnant naturally?


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Sometimes yes depending on what they do. Endometriosis can reduce your chances of conceiving natrually so if they remove it when you have the lap it could increase your chances, also the cysts could be proventing your ovaries from functioning probably so removing them can help. My endo was too bad to remove when I had the lap so unfortunately I ended up have to have open surgery to remove it but my consultant said 95% of cases can be done by lap I was just one of the unlucky ones. What he said to me was whatever your fertility is you can half it if you have endometriosis so removing it can only be a good thing. Have you had am AMH test done, if not I would recommend you have one done before the lap.


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They haven't even suggested getting a AMH test. All the consultant said was that your ultra sound has shown cysts on both ovaries and we need to see what they are. From the size and shape he thinks it is endo! He then just said there is a waiting list of 9-12

Months for ivf so I'm putting your name on for that! I will ask about this test though.


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Yes you should, it will give you a good indication of what your egg reserve is but you might have to pay of it, I paid £55 on NHS, my results were awful but I'm 37 so age is on your side. After having the op my consultant recommended we try naturally for 3 months and then go for IVF if we don't have any success, we're not eligible for funding unfortunately but on the plus side at least there's no waiting list privately.

Good luck xx

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Hi Romeo

Do you mind me asking what your AMH was? Mines 2, I'm 29, I'm gutted

Lilly x

Romeo123 in reply to Lilly83

Hi Lilly

My AMH was 0.57 x

Your story sounds similar to mine, started after coming off the pill ready to have a baby, just ending up with pain and operations! I remember feeling that I wish we'd tried years ago and understand the feeling that as a women, you assume you can have babies when you want them!! I definately second your advise about being persistent and pushing for answers - we know our bodies better than anyone.

They won't know about the cysts and extent of the endo until they have a look, make sure you get some feedback about what they see / do after the op. Good luck with it all x

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Thanks for your reply. I know regrets don't help matters but I just wish I had known about this earlier. The gps just said oh it's womens troubles! They still wouldn't have referred me now if I hadn't been pro-active.

Are you getting help now with ttc?

Thanks and good luck to you also xx

I had a lap almost 6 weeks ago to remove 6 cysts (one large one 9cm). They were attached to both ovaries and tubes. They managed to remove them without disturbing anything else and found mild endo (im 32 and no kids yet but would like them in the future if i can). The first week is the most sore so if you feel pretty terrible don't worry, just take it easy and avoid household duties if you can. The second week I started some mild walking and was feeling much brighter. I was back in work after 2 weeks off. I wasn't feeling 100% but I sit at a desk so figured I might as well go back as I was getting bored at home. Sitting up all day at work was sore for a couple of weeks but you get through it. I'm almost back to normal. Not tried the gym yet as cleaning duties have made my tummy muscles feel a bit sore, but the consultant said I could go back to the gym after 2 weeks. I'm really glad I had the op done. You'll be fine. Everyone takes a different amount of time to recover and friends of mine took 3 weeks off work. I found strong painkillers helped me through the first week (tramadol) but if you take anything like that it will give you constipation so make sure you're getting plenty of fibre and drinking lots of water!!! Comfy clothes are a must too as you dont want anything pressing on your tum. Hope the op goes well for you.

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Thanks for your advice! It sounds sick but I can't wait for this op because I want to know what the heck is going on inside there. I'm also scared as I have never ever been in hospital before so don't really know what to expect!

This should be the last thing I should be thinking about but do you get to wear your pants when you're getting your op?

Thanks again and hope you've recovered xxx

Twinkle81 in reply to Hidden

No worries hun. I couldn't wait to get mine done as I just wanted the large cyst out as it was causing me pain. Didn't know about the others and Endo til after but glad I know all is ok in there now.

I was given disposable pants but they were gone by the time the op was over!! Lol. They put a pad underneath in case of any bleeding but I was fine. The key thing is not to worry, be ready for soreness but take the painkillers and most of all rest up :-) I stayed in for one night as I was a bit groggy from the drugs even though I was told I'd probably go home. Stay if you get the chance as I felt better in the knowledge if anything was a concern then I was in the right place to be looked after. Take some overnight bits, pads (no tampons) and your toothbrush just in case. I bought some t-shirt nighties for comfort (wouldn't normally wear them) and they were great. I'm feeling really good now and I'm sure it won't be long til I'm on top form. Jeans back on as well! :-)

Good luck with it, not that you'll need it and dont worry youll be in good hands with the experts xxx

you aren't wearing anything when you have your op. but don't worry, no one is judging what you look like

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