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Hi I'm new to this but feel so alone Ive struggled with fertility for 5 years now and still no luck, had 3 laps one of which was for ovarian

Drilling where they found and removed endo in my pouch of Douglas my last op was 5 months ago but it was a diagnostic lap and the pain I'm experiencing is getting worse causing me to have time off work and be layed up in bed for a week taking kapake I don't want unnecessary surgery but I can't carry on with this pain and the infertility is really getting to me what would you recommend? Has anyone felt anything similar? Thank you any answers would be greatly appreciated x

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Hi Stacyann, I'm 40 and have struggled with endometriosis and had problems conceiving. I've had one laparoscopy in 2010. I had all the checks done and they said that my endometriosis was mild and shouldn't affect my fertility. I was also diagnosed with microscopic colitis at the same time so that limited the types of painkillers I could take. My husband was tested and the mobility of his spread wasn't good, so we going to get treatment and then found out that we had conceived naturally last year, unfortunately I had a miscarriage, but my pain levels have decreased since I had erpc after the miscarriage. We haven't given up hope yet. I'm just back from my first appointment with an acupuncturist that specializes in endometriosis and fertility.

I had changed my diet last when conceived and we started taking vitamins designed to help couples ttc and use special lubricant as sometimes I find it painful.

Hope that this give you hope that you are not alone, there is lots of people struggling and this forum has help me, reading how other people cope and getting little suggestion on how others are dealing with the same problems as me.


Thank you physcosue, I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage and I have my fingers crossed for you, Ive never been pregnant, but hopefully one day I will, it helps a lot to talk to other people that understand us it can be a lonely illness, I just have to try to stay positive, I have been given stronger painkillers to manage my pain and I have a referral to a gynaecologist so hopefully they will be able to help me more I think the most frustrating thing is not actually knowing what is causing my infertility and the painful periods every month is like a cruel joke x


I know it's hard we only found out last year about my husband's sperm. I kept blaming myself, we had our test done at the assisted conception unit at our local hospital, the gynologist had to refer me, they said that I was told old to get treatment on the nhs, but they did the test there and that helped, cause I then realised it wasn't just me, my husband's sperm mobility probably had a lot to do with it. So we were going to have go to a private clinic for treatment. I hope that your new painkillers work I was on tramadol for a while, but I just take cocodamol just now as my pain levels have eased off.


I think it's awful that they won't treat certain people if you don't meet the criteria, I was told it's a postcode lottery depending on where you live if you can have treatment that's hardly fair. My boyfriends sperm is perfect it is just me and he has kids to a previous relationship so because of that they won't treat me, I used to take tramadol but they didn't agree with me so I'm now on codeine and mefanamic acid so I'll see how they are, basically I'm in a catch 22 I either treat the pain and endo but I'll be infertile because of the drugs they give you or treat the fertility and make the endo worse at the minute I'm just doing pain management and hoping a gyno can shed some more light on it, maybe if I knew what was causing the fertility issues I could take better steps to treat it and figure out a plan I would carry on with this pain every month if it ment I could have a baby but at the minute I feel like it's all for nothing x


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