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Has anyone switched from a manual to an automatic car and noticed a positive difference?

We are looking at getting a new car and i was wondering if it would be worth getting an automatic? I really struggle sometimes driving, and find my pain is always worse (even on a low pain day) for the hour after I have driven a long distance. It doesn't help work is an hour away!

I just wondered if anyone had an automatic and found it better? I haven't ever driven one so I wouldn't know if it was loads easier, but no gears or clutch to worry about sounds like a good idea!

Sorry if you think this is a really ridiculous and pointless question, but work is a real issue for me at the minute and I thought this could help!

Thanks in advance!x

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I find the vibration of a car actually helps my pain, if only it didn't cost so much in petrol driving to ease pain. And singling along loudly to incar stereo is very distracting of pain too.

I am not sure that an automatic would make much difference, you still have to steer and you still have to use a foot break and foot accelerator, only the clutch pedal is now converted to manual control. Everything else is the same.

You can hire an automatic rental car for the day to see if that makes any difference to your pain when driving. If you phone up th car rental place they might even let you drive the car round the carpark for free to see if you notice any difference. Just tell them you have never driven one before and are thinking of renting one from that same company on a trip abraod and wondered if they would let you have a test run.

No harm in asking. Or a car dealership selling cars might allow you to go for a test drive of an automatic with a view to purchasing one.

Personally speaking having driven both types of car and being very used to my current little manual runabout, I wouldn't swap to an automatic, but that's just my own preference.


I was only thinking the other day I'm glad I've got an automatic, loads easier to drive, I can drive both but if I had a choice I would choose auto, great when your having a painful day !!


For the last two years I've struggled driving as most of my daily pain is lower left back, pelvis and down left leg. I'd always said when we updated the car that I would go automatic, having driven them before and my mum drives automatic too, they are just so much easier, especially in slow traffic. I had my lap five weeks ago, I didn't try driving until almost three weeks after it, and cos I've been in so much more pain since lap, as no endo was removed, but when I drove I was in agony, I only drove about 1.5 miles, and then drove home, and then started worrying how I would be able to get back to driving. With some calculations we worked out we could update the car, my car was nearly 13 yrs old, it still had plenty of life in it, but we've manged to get a six yr old car, it's a Peugeot 1007, a little boxy thing but I like it as its a higher up position so it makes getting in easier than the standard lower car (my previous was a MPV anyway which I also had for that reason) it's much easier on the back etc, and this one is classed as semi automatic, as in you can change gear yourself still if you want to by using either gear stick or paddles behind the steering wheel, or just leave it to do it by itself.

So in answer to our question, for me, it's made all the difference, I enjoy driving again, I get no pain from changing gears anymore, in fact I love my little car. If you've never driven one its so easy, you just make sure you rest your left foot out of the way, and your right foot still does what it did in a manual as in brake and gas.

I'm so glad somebody else has said this though, I thought it was just me lol xx


And I agree about singing along loudly lol, my new car has CD player so it's great having a few of my fave CDs to play, certainly does distract from pain xx


My mums car is automatic and i love driving hers. mine is manual. I was driving 5days after my op, yes was bad but had no gears to do :) xx


I actually said to my husband this weekend "I am sooo pleased we got this new car!" it really has made life a bit easier having an automatic! There is MUCH less movement from the pelvic area with an automatic gearbox, much better for me. Also better going from a lower sporty jobby to an higher SUV type. Good luck!


When I had a car (for work) I had an automatic - just found it so much easier on my joints than our other manual car.


Thank you ladies! This has been really useful. The boy is to get a company car for work and it will be a manual so think I will trade my in for an automatic. That way I can still "keep my hand in" with using his manual every now and then. Might even get cruise control - nearly as good as a chauffeur which I think is the very least us endo girls deserve! ;)


Can't believe you guys have issues driving too!! It always seems silly saying I can't my stomach hurts!! So glad I'm not the only one!! The pain in my pelvis and down into my left really hurts some days and a real struggle to drive!

So glad I joined this forum I don't feel so alone or such a fraud anymore xx


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