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Bowel and bladder symptoms?



Hope you are well,

I’m writing to see any anyone else experiences the same type of symptoms as myself in regards to bowel and bladder.

So around a week before my period is when my pain in at its absolute peek and is unbearable but along with this I also get bowel and bladder problems, going for a number 2 is very difficult as though there is a blockage I’ve always just thought it was constipation but I don’t think it is as when I do manage to go after a lot of pain, hot and cold sweats it is relatively a normal number 2 TMI not what you would have if constipated.

Also around this time having a wee is almost Impossible, severe pain when trying to open my bladder as if there is something on the actual bladder stopping me and not a lot comes out then when I try to force it the pain is just unlike anything else. The doctors always check for a water infection when I mention this and every time it comes back clear but they never look into what it could be.

I just feel like each month I’m getting a new symptom or having new pain and I’m just becoming unable to cope with it, and as well atm I’m not getting a period due to prolactin levels I think but still getting all of the same cycle symptoms.

It just seems like a losing battle at this point

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Sounds very much like bowel and bladder endometriosis to me as a long term sufferer. Have you been diagnosed with endometriosis?

JJS09 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. No I haven’t, I had a lap back in October and was told I had adhesions linking some of my organs and things together which they fixed, they ‘didn’t know where theyd come from’ as I’d never had any previous surgeries but also did no investigation past this and discharged me, it was done by a regular gynaecologist not an endo specialist

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Oh dear, I'm sorry you've had such a poor response. You need proper investigation and treatment by a specialist. Try to get referred to a specialist in endometriosis or a centre of excellence for endometriosis.

Stories like yours are sadly too common.

JJS09 in reply to Hidden

I’m hoping when I have an appointment in July with the gynaecologist who saw me for my op I’ll be able to get referred to a specialist for a second opinion 🤞🏻 thank you for your replies


I had confirmed Endo on ovaries, bowel and other areas. Forgive me for sounding so flippant but when my period was due for 7 days I had loose bm's and sensitive bladder didn't think much of it as thought it would be the norm from now on especially as us ladies have all our bits in the same area. But you have not been diagnosed yet so get that done 1st and you will know what you are dealing with. Good luck and take care


I have very similar symptoms to this, not as much pain as it sounds like you are suffering with but every month during my period I have at least a day or two where I am unable to wee even though I feel as though I’m full off wee. If I start to manage to do a tiny trickle it stops just as soon as it’s started. I also have 3-4 days where I can’t do a number 2. Sometime this can carry on for longer but I can usually do a little bit at some point but nowhere near a normal amount. It does make me wonder where all my food goes!!

I had my first diagnostic lap in January an was told that I have severe stage 4 endo. My womb is bonded to both my bladder and bowel (also had Endo in numerous other places) and I was supposed to be having an MRI scan before they were willing to start trying to remove it or do anything further but this was postponed due to Coronavirus. Just waiting now for the rescheduled appointment, whenever that might be.

Hmm could be but defo best to get it diagnosed by a professional. I have severe stage 4 on bowel and bladder. I’m on the pill now and take 3 packs back to back then a break. It’s worked wonders for the pain but obv the endo is still there.

I can struggle to go or have loose bowel movements. Doesn’t seem to be a pattern. When on my period though the pain around my bottom when I go is unbearable. In terms of weeing I get pains in my stomach and a kind of pulling sensation as my bladder empties but I don’t have problems actually weeing. That must be v uncomfortable.

I hope you find a solution soon :)

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