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Combined Pill?

Can anyone recommend a Combined Pill that's best for endo? I was on the pill for 10 years and it was only when i came off and started ttc that I actually discovered I had endo (stage 4 all over bowel), so the pill had really kept me relatively pain free for years. After 8 heartbreaking years of ttc and 8 cycles of IVF I was blessed enough to concieve my twin son & daughter but 3 years later the pain is back with a vengeance. I know I'll have to have radical surgery one day but it's not an option at the minute coping with toddlers so I just want something to keep it at bay for now.

I'm not keen on the idea of the coil and I know the pill worked for me in the past so I'm thinking that taking this back to back will be my best option, but does anyone have particular recommendations of which ones are good for suppressing endo? Do I need to ask for a lower oestrogen one? Is there such a thing? I did try the progesterone only pill about 2 yrs ago but I just bled continuously for 3 months so had to stop.

Any advice will be gratefully appreciated so I can go to my GP armed with knowledge!


Jo xx

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Hi there, my story is very similar to yours - 13 years of pill taking masked my endo and my symptoms really started before I came off it. However useless GP's diagnosed IBS etc and I only got a proper diagnosis in April 2012 when I had a lap and endo removal and was pain free for nearly a year. My gynae recommended Yasmin but because I was pain free I didn't start taking it until the pain started to creep back in March 13 and so far I have had really good results. Feel very stupid for not taking it straight after the lap but I was on a bit of a high horse about going back on the pill. Anyway I have pain free periods now rather than almost OD-ing on Naproxen before but I do have bowel and bladder pains/problems at various times, and they are now worse during the week after my period. My period is often the best time of the month! I have generally kept a steady weight although the extra half-stone from Christmas isn't budging as quickly as usual - not sure I can blame the pill for that one :)

I know you don't want surgery but a lap with partial removal was fairly straighforward for me - had it done on a Tuesday, overnight in hospital, rested Wed-Fri, was able to go out normally at the weekend then back to work on the Monday so you may only need some help with the children for a week or so. It may help to clear the endo down before you start the pill and avoid more major surgery later.

In my experience GP's are completely useless about most things, particularly endo, so I would still suggest a referral to the gynae to discuss your symptoms and maybe have some tests. By the time you get the appointment you might have sorted things with the pill anyway but good to make sure there is nothing else other than endo.

Good luck x


Thanks for replying City, with having 2 toddlers the only chance I can reply is when I'm back at work! I had two laparascopies when I was ttc, however the surgeon warned me that they coud remove it around the ovaries but it would come back (it has) but it was really difficult to get at it in the bowel area, and one day I'd need radical surgery (can't remember exactly but removal of bowel, and scared me witless by mentioning risks involving a colostomy bag) so that's the surgery I'm avoiding. If I go for something like that I'm going to get the ovaries whipped out as well but obviously the recovery from that will be far greater than a laparoscopy, hence why I'm putting it off.

But your point about a lap is interesting, I never thought about getting that done before I start the pill. I'm just not sure how long it would take to get a lap, you know how long referrals take etc etc. I just cannot wait any more to do something about this discomfort, it's not what I'd call agonising but so so irritating, I feel as though i've got something shoved up my bum! Mine comes on about day 4 of my cycle and disappears the second I ovulate so it's clearly all hormone related.

Is Yasmin one of the newer pills? I guess it must be, ten years ago I think I took Microgynon but I guess it's going to be a case of testing them all out and seeing what works best for me. I'm also 41 so I need to make sure the risks of taking the pill as an 'older' lady don't outweigh the benefits. I had considered the Coil but also read that there's a slight increased risk of ovarian cancer with that. After having 8 cycles of IVF I don't want to increase my risk any further (so am opting for the pill with it's increased risk of breast cancer - swings and roundabouts.....) And as you say GPs are so useless that I know I'll need to do my own research before I go.

Anyway your points are really helpful thank you. I think I'll go to my GP, try a pill and ask if I can see about having another lap done in the meantime, and take it from there. Thanks again,

love jo xxx


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