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Combined Pill as Treatment?

Hello All,

This is my first post. I had my first lap this week, which showed a small area of endo. The gynae recommended I start the combined pill and to take for 3 packs back-to-back...I was quite drowsy when he was telling me all this and I didn't get the opportunity to ask some of the q's I wanted - mainly the benefits/risks of taking the pill vs not taking.

It sounds quite daunting taking it for so long and I am worried about the side effects of the pill. I was wondering if anyone was able to shed any light/offer some insight into their own experiences.

Also - the ward told me I should be able to go back to work tomorrow, but I still feel so exhausted and sore!

Many thanks :)


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First of all, if you think you are still so sore and weak you need to let your body heal and take more time off from work.

I know that the combined pill is not recommended for endo as has inside both oestrogen and progesterone hormones. And oestrogen is the hormone that endo is being fed from. So the majority of gynaes try to give only progesterone based hormonal treatments. Progesterone is the hormone that produced in great amount during pregnancy too, thats why some doctors say that becoming pregnant its a great relief from endo etc.

It is vital to talk with your doctor before you start treatment especially if you were drowsy before and you have more questions.

Bets of luck

Jo x


Thank-you for your reply Jo. I will be getting in contact with my Dr tomorrow as I want to discuss a few things before I go to my GP.


Hi safron

Don't go back to work if your not ready. The combined pill is to try calm down your period which in turn should calm the endometriosis down, they are just trying to close your ovaries for a short time then they will ask how you've been while not bleeding. You might get spot bleeding but just keep taking the pill for the required time.

Senga x


Thanks a lot for your answer Senga, was helpful.


Hi Safron,

I'm on the combined pill as a treatment for suspected endo (lap this week) and though it takes a while to kick in it does seem to help. You take 3 packs before having a break to suppress your menstrual cycle, as the hormonal cycles fuel the endo growth, though you can get some bleeding in between. If you find that the pill you are on has too many/ serious side-effects then you can go back to your GP and they can change you onto another one - I did this and feel much better for it.

After a month on the combined pill, I feel much less tired and though not gone the pain is far more manageable. For me, the plan is to stay on it after the lap to stop any residual endo growing back and causing problems again - and hopefully avoiding or pushing further into the future any more laps or any fertility problems. It sounds like this is your gynae's idea - to stop the endo coming back.

All these hormonal treatments affect people differently and it may not be for you. I suffered severe nausea and mood side effects that were almost as unbearable as the endo on a progesterone only pill (cerazette) and microgynon - and they are still there but minor on femodene (which has less synthetic progesterone in). I would talk to your doctor about which pill is for you - and it's apparently not unusual to try a few before finding one that suits.

I would echo the advice about not going back to work until you are ready as recovery will take time and everyone recovers differently.

Good luck - I hope you get on well.

A :)


Thanks a lot - it's really helpful to get insight into everyones experiences. Hope you get on well too. I went to see my Dr and I've been given another couple of weeks to recover :)


Don't push yourself into getting back to work if you're still feeling rough as this will only set your recovery back further! How are you feeling today?

My gynae reccomended I tri-cycle the contraceptive pill and it really did help me. I still experienced a bit of pain but nowhere near the level before. I felt almost normal for a few months which was brilliant :) Ask all the questions you need to, especially if you were sleepy at the time, as you need to know why they think this treatment is a good idea and what you need to look out for. Hope you're doing a bit better today



Thanks a lot for the advice. I got in touch with the secretary today and they'll be getting back to me. I definately want some more detail from them. I've got some more time off so that will help recovery :)


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