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This is a bit random but do hospitals have lockers?


I’m sorry I sound so stupid right now haha but did you have a locker or anything to put your stuff in before surgery?

I hate the thought of not being able to take my phone to keep myself occupied with music before my lap as I’ll be so nervous etc?

Also where would they put the clothes you came to hospital in?

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I took everything in with me to play on my phone whilst i waited even though i wasnt waiting long but took a zipable bag and then they (the nurse staff) placed all my clothes and my phone into the bag, zipped it up and put it under the chair in my bay. Everything was there when I returned as my bay was assigned to me for the entire time I was there.

Thank you, my parents aren’t staying in the reception during my op and are going to work after dropping me off so wouldn’t be able to give them my phone etc xx

My parents went to get breakfast (i was very hungry and jealous) and i wanted my phone to be able to tell them the time i was going in and when i was awake for them to come get me.

The 5 other girls in the room with me all did exactly the same and we put our things in our bags under the provided chair.

It was fine and a lot easier to have my things there until i was ready to move and i didnt have to go find mt things because they were there waiting for me. Xxx

Do the nurses tell your parents if they found anything in the lap or can they keep it confidential and just tell you? xxx

I had to go to my gp to get results because my gynae was "too busy" to tell me on the day so I found out ages after. I had to sign a sheet to leave and talk with a nurse and get a talk about the meds i was taking home and I got to decide whether I wanted to be talked to alone, with just my mum or with both my parents.

Okay thank you xx

Good luck xx


I had my own room (private hospital) so I'm not sure if the same applies generally. I had a lockable section in the table that the nurse had the key for so I could put all my valuables in before surgery. I also had a wardrobe to put my clothes / overnight bag in, and changed into a gown they provided before surgery.

Not random at all.

You'll be on a ward before & after surgery so there should be a locker/somewhere to store your stuff so don't worry, you'll still be able to listen to music before the op.


Thank you, I forgot to ask at my pre op but have to go back on the 27th July so will ask them as well xx

There won’t be a locker, if anything there will be a cupboard to put your stuff in. You need to take all your things in a day bag ( I took a hold-all) and when you take your dressing gown out etc there will be enough room for your clothes that you went in. Take a nighty or loose pjs with you to put on when you come out of theatre and then you can travel home in them. Don’t worry about things not being safe everything will be fine x

I had a locker at the recent hospital where I had my last lap. I took my dressing gown & slippers and phone to the waiting room ( we had to wait in a room before being collected for theatre)

Saying that tho My local hospital would store belongings near the bed on the ward. Once I got admitted I went straight to the ward.

Seems the hospitals do things differently!

Best to check xoxo

Thank you, I’ll ask when I go hospital in a few weeks. I’m just scared of my phone and earphones going missing and stuff xxx

You’re advised to give anything valuable to a nurse to store safely, because if anything goes missing otherwise the hospital wouldn’t be held accountable x

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Okay thank you x

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