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Hi I am due to have a lap and hopefully remove some endo at the same time. I have a few questions that I know I should ask the hospital but as its a weekend I thought some of you ladies may help answer some of them. I am due to go into hospital 2 weeks before I am due to fly on holiday. How long is it recommended before you can swim? Will it be ok to fly? Will I still be bleeding? also will the bloated tummy go down by then?

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  • i think it will be questions you will need to ask after the op. All i can say is that when i had my lap, i had no endo removed as too much, i also had a mirena removed, i was sterilised and i had an endometrial ablation. i bled for 8 weeks non stop after, and wasn't allowed to wear tampons, but that was purely because of the ablation i'm assuming. exercise, i was told 6 weeks, would swimming come under that? i would imagine flying would be ok, but it really will depend on what they do once they're in and find anything, and how you recover, recovery depends on again on the individual, what is done etc, hope all goes well of you, and you have a lovely relaxing holiday xx

  • I have to be honest, 2 weeks after my lap there was no way I would have been well enough to do anything of those things. I didn't have any endo removed because the intention had been to ablate it but it was too extensive and I have multiple adhesions so the gynae didn't touch it. I then had a massive bleed after the lap and was very unwell. The first week after the surgery I couldn't do much more than take myself to the loo. By about 10 days I could just about manage to take my kids to school.

    IF the lap is straightforward and you bounce back from it, you might be reasonably OK after 2 weeks but this is abdominal surgery and although it's keyhole it's not some minor little thing. I was really knocked by it and overall it took me a couple of months to feel OK.

  • As the other ladies has said- it will completely depend on what you have done. I had a lap 8 days ago where they removed endo from my POD and ligaments- I was told it was moderate. I didn't react well to the anaesthetic and had to be kept in overnight. For the first few days I could really move. 8 days in I'm ok- I can move and am not in excessive pain. The bleeding has stopped. However, I am exhausted and going to the shops right now would be too much let along getting on a plane. I had expected to be in pain etc but it's the tiredness I had not.

    Hope your surgery goes well and have a lovely relaxing holiday.

  • I had my first laparoscopy and endo removed two weeks ago with a mirena coil fitted and I'm still experiencing pain and still bloated and getting spotting still. tbh it's an individual thing as people react differently to things than others. Definitely ring the hospital though as it may be better if you have it when you come back from holiday perhaps? They can advise you as to what's best for you. Hope it works out for you x

  • Maybe is better to have the operation after your holiday. 2 weeks post my lap, I was back to work, no bleeding or bloating. However, I can't imaging going on a flight etc.

  • might be worth checking with your flight company. my holiday was 6 weeks after my op and it was touch and go. they said its because of the risk of blood clots following surgery. i struggled also getting an insurance company that would cover me. if im honest i would put it off until after. there is no way i was well enough after either of my laps. my first one i had nothing removed and was really bad for 5 / 6 weeks. my second with excision of stage 4 my recovery was slightly better. went back to work after 3 weeks but was a bit soon as i still wasnt well. i would also be concerned about the incisions at 2 weeks. they certainly shouldnt be exposed to the sun anyway but its if theyve even closed up. wouldnt want to risk getting them infected.

  • I was back at work 5 days after my lap. I had the lightest spotting the same day of my surgery but that was it. I also didnt suffer with trapped wind that they warn you about. I had quite a lot of endo removed and was in surgery for 3 hours as well.

    I am quite shocked to read other people's experiences of how long they were feeling unwell post op I guess it just depends on the person how quickly you recover. I found my incisions were what gave me the most pain however I'm 8 days post op now and they don't hurt and are pretty much healed.

    Hope it all goes ok :-)

  • Hiya, I've just had a lap & Endo removal at the end of April. I know you can't swim until your stitches have healed depending on what kind you have. My belly took a good 2/3 weeks to go down and I'm not sure about flying you will have to check. It really takes it out of you I was very tired for at least 8 weeks but that could of been down to a double blood transfusion.

  • I had a lap with extensive Endo removed, multiple adhesions removed and my tube was also released of adhesions. Mirena coil was fitted. This was my fifth op. I bounced back really well, better than I have before, I bled for one day, everything went really well. My mum lives overseas and I really wanted to go home. I waited till after I had the op to see how I felt and then booked. I went exactly 7 days after my surgery. I don't regret it but the travel was really hard and I was exhausted. I spent time recovering after travelling when I got there and when I got back. If I'm honest I wouldn't do it again, but I was staying with friends after surgery and really I just wanted to be at my mums. Although the pain has gone I'm still really tired, and on week three I now have my period which I think has come as a result of gentle swimming. My doctor advised to move straight away and do gentle exercises like walking and swimming once my wounds had healed. If it's a holiday, I would postpone till you are well so you can enjoy :)

  • Hi,

    As for my experience when I had my lap. I took me one month to completely feel myself again. Right after my lap i only bleed that day of surgery. I felt really tired and couldn't walk much. After 2 weeks I was still feeling tired and my belly button cut was still hurting. You might want to go on vacation prior to your surgery although I don't know if you have pain. I terrible pain before my surgery due to the endo cyst I had. . Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your trip. Oh I forgot to mention I was bloated for months.

  • Hi Hun, I'm due to have a lap soon and ive got a 4 week holiday planned but I'm going to push mine until I come back so I can have a better time to recover at home don't want to ruin my holidays xxxxx

  • I had 6.5 hours of surgery yesterday. I'm doing well but I can't imagine going on holiday quite so soon. I was offered an earlier date but refused it as I had a holiday 3 weeks after. Instead I had a fantastic holiday to get my head in the right place and feel rested, and now here I am. It was a good decision to postpone it.

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