Back to gp again tomorrow

Spoke to my gp in the phone today. Told her that I'm still getting a lot of pain since my lap and mirena fitting in July . I think I'll just get her to take it out as it's not really benefitting me. I'm scared of getting periods again tho. I had a big dermoid cyst removed during my lap also . Suppose I'm just scared of the unknown. Just want to be back to my old self

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  • The specialist nurse at the endometriosis centre where I'm treated asked me to give the coil at least 6 months to settle. If it's not causing side effects it might be worth hanging on for a few more months. If you were in pain before having it removed might not help, unless it's causing separate problems of its own? X

  • I'm at the 6 month mark now and I've just hated how it's making me feel . The gp took it out for me this morning. Praying that it eases my symptoms but if not then I know something else is wrong

  • I would defiantly try to switch to the mini pill since some people just don't cope well with things inside them, I know for a fact the nuvaring caused an allergic reaction for me and then I developed pelvic pain you might have the same thing. The mini pill gave me hives at first so I think it was a rejection to progesterone.

  • That's what I wondered but my gp was having none of it. Well it's out now so I'm gonna try hormone free for a while and see how I get on

  • I'd be wary of trying to go without any hormone treatment unless you're trying for a baby. I went four months without treatment at the start of this year and ended up needing another laparoscopy x

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