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Waiting on 2nd laparoscopy, not sure about after care plans

Hey guys I'm new to this site but sadly not new to Endo.

I was officially diagnosed over 16yrs after the drs first mentioned the idea of endo.

I had my first lap in Sept 2012 after getting so bad that I done nothing but lie down and cry a lot. They removed cysts from both ovaries, one 8cm the other 10cm. I got about 6 months pain relief then the pain started to slowly come back. It started to come in unbearable bounts a few months ago and it's now reached the point where it's only a short time away from being back to how I was before the first lap.

I've been back to the gynecologist and they found more cysts on only my left ovary with a size of roughly 6cm. I'm just waiting on the letter to say when they will get up close and personal with my insides again.

The first time around I made the conscious decision not to have anything to possibly prevent the endo, I wanted to see if it would come back and how quickly. I'm now cursing my curiosity but what is done is done.

This time I want to try and prevent it coming back, or getting so bad. I've been offered the mirena coil or Zoladex I think was the name of the other thing.

I'm wondering which would be best, I've never had anything like the pill etc because of a history of migraines so it's all new territory for me.

Does anyone have experience with either/both?

Sorry for the ramble :)

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No one?


Hi TianRunty,

I had endo for many years before going to a doctor and getting diagnosed 6/7 years ago. Fibroids and severe endo removed by lap. Rectum and uterus separated. About 9 months later some weird pains started. I now have endo cysts on ovaries, a fibroid and a polyp.

After the first round of ops I was offered the mirena coil but somewhat like yourself I was curious to see how things would go without having more hormones. I'm still happy with my decision despite the return of endo (sounds like a sci-fi film!). The mirena has been suggested again but, forgive the pun, it makes me recoil. It works great for some women but it's just not for me. (until I get desperate!)

I was on Zoladex for 6 months but only in preparation for the ops to remove endo. it nearly made me go mad even with add back hrt. It took a long time for my head to recover and my memory has never been as good as before. Maybe I'm wrong but I put that down to Zoladex. It's a powerful drug.

Out of mirena or Zoladex I would be inclined to try the mirena. Do a search of this forum and you will find plenty of information but only you can decide what feels best for you. If it doesn't work you can have it removed.

I am currently on the combined pill which doesn't seem to help. I've never been on the pill before and you've just made me realise that my headaches might be caused by it. I am also trying various other alternative treatments in particular chinese medicine. I prefer to try everything I can before going down the drug/surgery route including an endo diet.

I find it easy to miss questions and replies to posts. I check this forum regularly but I didn't see your first post from 4 days ago. So don't take it personally. Maybe when people checked the forum, your post was way down at the bottom!

Good luck


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