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Scared about laparoscopy and what to expect after

Hi i ended up seeing a specialist last year and was told more than likely i have endo but was advised not to have a lap at the time , i am getting loads of cramps no bleeding i am scared about going see specialist as know they will recommend a lap , what is recovery like after as i live on my own i do have a fella i also have cats will i be able to look after them after having a lap done , thanks

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Hi..I have had a couple of laps so pleased don't be frightened..so hugs to you because i know it's so overwhelming to be told you need surgery. For the first few days I was pretty sore im not going to lie but it's because my stomach had a lot of gas where they pump your tummy up and it felt bruised.so Def ask for pain relief and they should give you strong painkillers to take home..mine actually knocked me out! everyone is different but I literally didnt get put of bed for a few days only to use the loo. I've heard some women are back on their feet 24-48 hours later .that was not happening for me I just took my time at recovery but after fourth day I felt a hell of a lot better! I would suggest someone come feed the cats for a cple of days and even have your boyfriend stay the first or 2nd night you get out of hospital. But I hope all goes well and if you have any questions feel free to ask..xx

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When you have a lap if the disease is minimal you will be sent home on the same day. With more invasive disease you will be kept overnight. The longest stay I have had was 4-5 nights in hospital was severe endo excision and partial bowel resection. And even then I would have been home after 3 nights if I hadn't had bladder probs. (For some women their bladder reacts to the op by not being cooperative - you can't get to peeing by yourself for a few days - all this means is they scan your tummy and if more than 500ml in your bladder they use a small tube (catheter) to empty it, no more uncomfortable than inserting a tampon really)

Anyhow you will be up and about within 24hrs, recovery is 4-6weeks, you'll need a lot of rest and won't be doing acrobatics, but you should be able to handle feeding the cats. Maybe get some help with shopping (home delivery)/cooking, help with cleaning, maybe someone could do the litter box for you? In any event you'll know roughly when the surgery will be and will be given 3wks plus notice of the exact date so that is plenty of time to get things organised at home and the cupboards stocked - maybe freeze some food or have ready meals for a few days when you get home as you'll be really tired.

Here's some more guidance:-



On the 21st December I went into hospital for a laparoscopy and was up and about after 48 hours, with minimal discomfort, just a little shoulder tip pain which is from the gas that they fill you tummy with, two tiny incision one on the belly button and one on your hairline lower down. People react in different ways, so it is best to have an open mind and go with the flow!! I have been told that I have deep infiltrating endometriosis but I've been suffering for 10 years or more but this has got worse over the last couple of years with heavy prolonged periods and lots of pain which is why I got referred. Also, got a very large fibroid and several smaller ones which need to be removed. There are a lot of reason why ladies get problems with their periods so for quality of life you would be better having the laparoscopy so that they can find out what the problems are and get them sort for you!!


Like others have said, recovery depends on the person but usually doesn't take that long. After my lap I was zonked out on the painkillers and spent the first few days mostly on my futon, but I was able to get up to use the toilet and feed my cat. I had a friend stay with me for the first 48 hours, which turned out not to be absolutely necessary but was good for emotional support. It also gave me peace of mind ahead of time to know that just in case anything went wrong someone was keeping an eye on me and would be there to take care of the cat in case I had to go back to the hospital. If your boyfriend is able to stay with you for a day or two afterwards, that would probably be a good idea.

My cat loved the fact that I did nothing but sit around and pet her for days :)

It took about a week for the pain to go away and for me to get back to normal energy after the surgery.


Hello. I have had 5 Laps now and whilst they are not a walk in the park or fun they aren't horrendous either. If course everyone's recovery and pain threshold is varying and the amount they do inside I guess would impact pain after too. But there can often be a large amount of releif after too from getting rid of endo if found.

The gas used to fill your abdominal area during the surgery can be uncomfortable after but rest as advised with little walks around the house/outside as and when advised. Peppermint tea can help too with gas.

Also just get lots of things to occupy your time I. E. Books and films etc for when you're resting up after.

It's uncomfortable and I get very groggy from the anaesthetic so that's something else you might find but again helped with sleep and rest.

Good luck


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