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Just been diagnosed and told to think about having children very soon?

After a menstraul bleed, i noticed a smelly discharge that was almost septic to the nose (think band-aid and cut - that medical smell left on your finger once the scab has gone soft due to removing the band-aid and getting it wet) i thought i may have left a tampon behind in my hast, but an internal investgation only came back with a bumpy lump on one side of my cervix! the very next day i went to the docs, who had a look/feel with a conclusion of a cyst, but recommended that the Gyno had a look. The following day (today) she had a look and said she thinks it looks like Endo. My mother suffers with Endo so not really a shock to me. But then she says "consider having a baby very soon" - im 27 and only just been with my partner 8 months!! Now im freaking out thinking that if i leave it until im 30, what if i cant get pregnant then?! Anyone been told the same, but waited to have children a couple of years later & succeeded? Im on the combined pill (have been for 13 years) and was considering the coil...***feeling very lost**

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I'm new to this myself, I've suffered with bleeding pretty much non stop for the past 5 and a half years since I gave birth to my son, so I find it hard to believe that having a baby fixes anything, I'm unsure myself as to whether or not I'll be able to have another baby with my new partner after we get married next year. I suggest getting advice from lots of DIFFERENT doctors and specialists, as so far I have had mixed answers myself, it's a risk and a waiting game, you don't want to rush into anything, or feel forced into having a child when you are not ready as that is not fair on mother, father or poor baby. So my advice is speak to lots of professionals and get lots of advice, get a fertility test if it exists and keep a check on your symptoms. I've just had my first operation yesterday, so still waiting for answers myself. I'm sorry I'm new to this too but I hope it helps that I'm in the same sort of position as you. Best of luck.


Don't panic just yet until you know more, I lost my fertility within a year of being diagnosed with endo, however different consultants have told be different things, some say its mapped from birth how long you will be fertile for, I'm 30 now and can't have children.

What I would suggest you do is get some tests done




AFC if possible

Now your GP will do the first two, the AMH you would have to pay private but think its only about £40, AFC would be more, that's an ultrasound scan that counts how many follicles you have left on your ovaries (the other 3 are blood tests) now if any of the blood tests come back of concern its worth doing the AFC but if not I wouldn't worry, interpreting the bloods can give you an a idea if the endo has affected your egg supply, if it hasn't not so much of a rush, if it has you will at least know? If its bad and it might not be, there's options like freezing eggs until you are ready in the future

Lauren x



I was told the same thing when I was 27, I had a laparoscopy and the surgeon came into the room as I was coming round, told me I had endo and that I should think about kids asap. Was a bit of a shock. I had only been with my partner a year and, as much as I knew I would want them one day, we weren't ready for kids at that point. Im now 31 and still don't feel ready and Im not letting this condition force me into having kids until my partner and I are in the right place for them. If I cant have one on my own then I will adopt - there are plenty of unfortunate children out there who need a home. Don't let this condition force you into having kids if you don't think you are ready for them. I would suggest you speak with your partner and weigh up the pros and cons... if you discuss this and you both agree you are ready for it then best of luck :) xx


Personally i don't think the doctor you saw has much of a clue. They cant confirm Endo until they have done a lap and tested it in a lab, and secondly even if it was Endo they wont be able to tell what effect it would have in your fertility.

i think you should request further investigation that into the lump (e.g. Biopsy) as it wouldn't be a common symptom of Endo. I'm not saying you have or haven't got Endo, but at the moment i think the consultant needs to do their job right and make an informed diagnosis based on the full facts.

good luck x


Thank you to everyone who has advised. Because the risk is 6 times higher if there is already Endo in the family I think that's why the Gyno said that's what she thinks it is. Also it was starting to go dark and shrink back to the cervix wall. Iv self inspected and feels like it just disappeared!! No bumpy lump there at all. Does Endo shrink back?? She said it looked like the wall lining had attached itself to my Cervix. I'm glad some have not let this control their decision on children. Yes i would be disappointed if I couldn't carry my own baby, but as you say there are other options (adoption/egg freezing) so I don't feel so lost now. I also read that the average age of being diagnosed is now 27 so I fit that criteria. Does anyone know if the pill slows down Endo progression? And if you come off the pill does Endo gradually flare up or hit you with all four barrels?? Thank you


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