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Has anyone taken Clomid/Provera??? Just about to start and i'm a little nervous!

I have just had my 2nd lap to remove Endo and we have been TTC (unofficially) for 3 years with no joy. The next step is Clomid. I heard this is maybe bad for Endo??? I have very irregular periods due to PCO so to actually kick start a period I have to take Provera first. I have always had horrendous side effects off any kind of hormones, so im a little nervous. My mum wants me to try some alternative Chinese medicine first (supposed to be very good-he says he can start me ovulating naturally in 6 months), but my husband is sceptical. Im in the middle!! I keep getting told by various docs that I shouldn't waste anymore time.....been putting Clomid off for a few years due to travelling!!!

I have the Clomid in my hands but scared to start the process!! Has anyone else taken these? Does it work? Did you get side effects? Did it make your Endo worse? I'm scared of getting twins, although maybe would be a blessing and get it all done at once!!!xxx

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Hi there

I have been ttc for 2 years and am currently seeing a gynae about fertility. Had the ultra sound and HSG scan which showed blocked tubes and blood tests have shown I am not ovulating. I have recently taken the low dose of Clomid for a couple of months and like you was worried about the side effects.

As you know each person can react differently. For me I found it made my nausea worse and pain, esp at ovulation. Also this last period I had a constant headache that would not go with paracetamol and I was light headed/dizzy. The Gynae has now upped the dose as my bloods showed that I am still not ovulating. Which to be honest I am scared about how I will be on the upped dose seeing as the low dose had an effect. I am due to have a Lap on 3rd June so not starting next lot of clomid until 1st period after that.

For me, although scared how I would react to the Clomid, I wanted to try everything which may help me to have more hope of conceiving and at least I can say that I have tried everything. You have to do what you feel is best. You may find that you have no problem with it or if you do then you can always stop it.

I have also been seeing a counsellor/hypnotherapist to try help me cope with the horrible disease endo is and to help me get through the days and pain etc.

I hope this has helped. Kind regards x


Hi:) Thank you so much for your reply, its always nice to know that there are others out there. Yes im the same as you, even if the side effects are really bad I would be prepared to try anything to conceive, no matter how bad it makes me feel. You never know, maybe ill be fine on it, and like you said, I can always stop it anytime

I havent heard of a HSG scan so don't think i've had one. But luckily my tubes are ok, but like you, I don't ovulate, maybe once a year at best!!! So Clomid is worth a try for sure

I really hope your next lap goes well. I've heard that you are at your most fertile just after a lap so maybe we will both be lucky:)

Thank you so much again x x x x


I hope that for you the Clomid is fine and helps you with ttc.

HSG is basically the dye test where they insert dye into your womb into your tubes to see if any blockages...blooming painful! Some people have it done when have their Lap so not awake for it. Unfortunately I was awake for mine as not done during a Lap.

I am glad your tubes are ok. One less thing to worry about when ttc.

It will be my first Lap as my gynae was scared to operate on me due to previous surgery and my organs being out of line. I am a little scared and nervous.

I hope your dreams of becoming a mum come true soon x


lots of luck for your lap, you will be fine dont worry:) And thank you xx


Cheers Hun x x x


Hey, just from experience I have endo and pcos, I did one round of clomid in feb because it did make me quite ill and I needed to be completing my degree.. However I did one round and a hcg trigger shot... Nothing happens but then I just found out I'm pregnant and conceived in March... I spoke to gyne who said it's common to work like that for many women that after a break from clomid concieve...

All I'm saying is even though it's bad for endo it could have a huge positive and personally that one round didn't effect me but everyone is very different ... Also ask about ovary drilling I was due to have that done in the summer before I was preg... Due to not liking clomid and that was the next stage I'm not sure if that would be something for you...

Good luck xxxxxx


first of all congratulations!!! You must be so happy:) Its also gives me confidence that it can happy if you have both Endo and PCOS. And thats really interesting about conceiving after a break from Clomid. Maybe its just needed to kick start ovulation and then the body can do it by itself

I havent really heard of ovary drilling so will definitely ask about this, thank you. I think that the positives of Clomid def way out the negatives, it will all be worth it for a baby!

I hope you manage to finish your degree, and lots of luck with your pregnancy, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me x x x x


Good luck! I hope it all works out for you!xxxxx


Hi there,

As Squidgy said everyone reacts differently, but I felt moved to reply to this. I was ttc for two years. Despite clear cysts on my ovaries the gynae prescribed Clomid, which made them a lot worse, to the point where the IVF specialist when I got to that stage questioned this decision. Clomid also made me feel terribly low, I persevered for five months, and then had to stop. When I did I realised the shadow I'd been living under. The clinic's comment when I said I'd had to stop was "well done, most people don't last that long."

Subsequently IVF failed due to fluid filled cysts on the tubes leaking and these have now been removed. I have stage 4 endo and am awaiting a multi organ operation.

The Clomid was probably worth a try, anything was at that point, but it is something to go into with eyes open.


Im so sorry, it sounds like you had a terrible time on Clomid, I hope your feeling better now. Im glad I know all this, like you said, its better to go into it with open eyes. Im willing to give it a try, at least for a little bit anyway. I hope you're ok and thank you so much for replying to me xxx


Hi i have PCOS & endo (only PCOS diagnosed then)

I was on Clomid 50mg for 5 months, tbh I hated it. I was an emotional mess. My bleeds were horrendous (bed ridden!), headaches as well.

I did respond to the Clomid (as in ovulated) but I have read so much since that it shouldn't be given to anyone with PCOS or endo. So please research and decide yourself. We went on to have IVF also. At that time I would have tried anything to have a baby, I don't regret it but just wish id been more informed of risks etc.

Also please look into acupuncture & Maya massage. These have helped me and I know of others it has helped too.

Good luck x


Hi Jabster, thank you for your reply. Im sorry you have Endo AND PCOS too:( Thank you for sharing your experience, think im like you, at the moment I will try anything for a baby. But I'm aware that if they don't work, its not the end. There are lots of things out there to try....like Acupuncture. Im actually going to try this next week for the pain!! Nothing that the doctor has given me has helped with that so far and so fed up with all the drugs and feeling like a zombie! Ive started taking this Chinese medicine today so fingers crossed it might help....tastes so horrible though!! Maya massage sounds interesting too, ill look into that, any massage sounds good to me!! Thank you again and I hope you are ok xxx


Thanks x I'm grand :)

Have you heard of Zita West? I had one of her books and it was very good explaining about fertility and the different treatments etc Before the Clomid I had to loose a stone to get it and then I had to get my BMI down to below 30 for the IVF, it was at 34. It was very hard with the PCOS but I made sure I changed my lifestyle and got it to 28. I also went to yoga, meditation, acupuncture and stepped away from as many stresses in my life as possible. So I have no regrets, I know I gave it all my best shot. I do believe a lot in holistic / alternative meds etc check them out and see if it is for you :)

More luck! x


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