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Any ideas what I can so with free time?


Well I know it's not a question to ask on here but I've been signed of work due to my endo, I am off now till my lap on the 23rd but I know it's going to drive me crazy does any1 have any ideas on what I can with my time coz I can't sit around doing nothing but I also can't do much, any1 ideas girls I'm only on day 1 and I'm already bored

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Prepare the house for after the lap op. Move kitchen essentials within easy reach - waist height so you are not bending down or reaching up for a couple of weeks at least.

Get the house ship shape, stockpile toilet rolls and cook up easy to microwave meals which you can freeze till you need them. Batches of vegies in to small pots (peas carrots and so on). Check for any family birthdays in the month after the op - and buy gifts and cards and get them sorted out now - you may not be up to shopping, and visiting the post office for a while after the op. Have enough stamps in the house, also get some cash in, just incase you want to pay for a take away meal to be delivered. Set up an online account with the local supermarket to order in food supplies while you are out of action - not able to drive - not up to walking round a supermarket reaching up and down shelves or in freezers...let alone lifting shopping bags in/out of the car and in to your home.

Plan for the op - get supplies of plasters and antiseptic wipes and creams for caring for the skin wounds, Peppermint tea or tablets for helping to get rid of the painful trapped gas.

Snow is forecast - so have a bag of grit delivered and in the porch or near the back door to help make the pathways easy to walk on.

Stockpile crafts and DVDs and things to do that won't cause too much pain. Pile up any clothes that need holes mending, buttons sewing on etc. And a sewing box so you can get cracking on mending clothes.

Prepare a bag for the hospital - loose clothes for comfort- zany socks for amusement - write out a list of preparations to be one before nd on the last day prior to the op.

Basically plan for a break of 3 weeks. of being cut off from your car or transport marooned in your home. Not as easy as you would imagine - and all preparations done in advance will pay dividends afterwards. you just need to sit down with pen and paper and figure out what you need to be doing. If all of that is taken care of - then buy a cross-stitch sewing kit or something of that sort to get stuck in to. also don't neglect garden plants that might not face a sharp frost while you are out of action or unable to lift heavy plant pots.

If you have a pet dog that needs walks - arrange for a dog walker to take over for the first few days of your recovery.

If your have kids at primary school or nursery - arrange with another mum to drop off and pick up your child for a few days of school runs. And return the favour when you can.

There are so many practical things you can be getting on sorting out before the big day that will help you in the days and weeks afterwards.

Great advice from Impatient.Once got post surgery organised,see this as a time to pamper yourself-make a list of all the things you would like to do but haven't had time due to work. After one of my ops I wrote letters to lots of my pals I had not been in touch with -why not Skype, email, phone, text -if feeling up to it .Rent some DVDs( I am in Lovefilm -you can set up a free trial).All depends on what stage you are in life, if you have family etc. Depending on your general health and how much work is done, you will probably feel fatigued, so even little activities will take it out of you,so remember that resting is the best for healing. Make sure you get enough sleep and pain relief.In the past I have used lap recovery time to sort out filing, paperwork etc - oddly satisfying !Why not take up a craft activity-lots of fun,e asy things.I have recently been doing decopatch-very addictive and easy to do.

lemmi in reply to daffodil

I do crochet and have been using the time to make crochet pressies for people (pre-Christmas) and now I'm making a Shawl for myself (non old lady looking) I've been to to do it for ages but never have time to do anything for myself. I've also been writing letters and drawing :)


For me I would read all those books on my shelf that I don't get chance to read as much when I'm at work. And I would go to the cinema to watch an afternoon film.

I would invite family and friends to come over for a coffee and a good chat.

Finally I would put my feet up and really look after myself.

Best of luck with the lap.


Gemx85x in reply to Hidden

Thanks it the 4th time so hope it's the last


Read, watch a tv box set, make a list of the things you want to do when you are well, hope your better soon huni, I'm on for hysterectomy on feb and will be the same!

I was "lucky" my lap was October so I had a couple of months to prepare for christmas.

I made most of my presents - chutneys, biscuits, jams and cranberry sauces.

I also made a lot of cross stich decorations and the wreath for the door.

It drove me crazy being stuck inside so make sure lots of friends come visit and make you tea

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