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So fed up ! Any ideas anyone?

Hi all, I wondered if anyone has any suggestions. I am currently waiting for my second lap , with suspected endo, Ademyosis, and a burst cyst . The consultant who I am assigned to is still dealing with patients from 2015 and his team have checked with 3 other consultants (with much shorter wait lists) they have all said that they are not prepared to do my operation because of its nature, I am really fed up with the symptoms I am experiencing . I can't afford the op privately but am so desperate for some relief , anyone got any ideas? Thanks so much x

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Hi , have you tried getting in contact with PALS, how long you been waiting since refferal for your laparoscopy, I was told 3 months and now been told closer to 6, I rang PALS last week and am awaiting a reply, not sure if it will help but anything is worth a try,

Also are you under a bsge specialist centre??


Hi I have been waiting since March this year and was told 2-4 months. I will try pals , I'm not under a specialist centre- what is this?


Hi a bsge specialist centre is a endo centre, the consultant that work at these centres are much more experienced and trained in recognising endo in all locations and then excision surgery, general gynes tend to concentrate on the reproductive system and don't look much further, and then they haven't been trained to the same degree for excision, they often use a burning technique and it isn't as good,

What do you mean by the nature of the op,??? And why gave you been given suspected endo and adeno diagnoses???

Have you had scans ect????


Thanks guys very helpful of you, I will look into the book and bsge centre. I have been diagnosed with endo for about 5 years, I had scans last year that showed up endo on my womb, the cyst and suspected adenomyosis and that's why I'm waiting for a lap. I definitely think diet and exercise help ( I went gluten, wheat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine free for a while) but I do really need the endo taking away in the op thanks for the suggestions it helps to know that there's always something to look into and try


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