Good Morning ladies!

I just wondered if any of you have any ideas of why I may be so tired all of the time. I wake up during the night to urinate loads, fidget all the time but still get about 7hours sleep however i wake up and i'm tired, i'm shattered during the day and when I get home at night! My whole body aches and the tiredness makes it even worse.

I keep getting told that it's my hormones but it's affecting everything now and I can't stop being tired. everything i do just manages to use up all of my energy :( 

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  • Snap, I'm the same, I wake up exhausted even if IV had 6_7 hours sleep, I don't sleep overly well, and wee a few times a night, I've just been signed of work for a month, as 4 hours waitressing was too much for me and I was getting home so shattered that I had to lay for the rest of day, it's horrid, it is a symptom of endo, but I'm not sure why 

  • It's ridiculous isn't it?!

    I am so tired all of the time too :( i'm hopefully looking at cutting down my hours because I just can't cope.

    It's one of the worst symptoms ever!

  • Fatigue can be caused by a number of things including inflammation in the body because of endo. Low iron levels , problems with thyroid etc.

  • Hmm, I might have to go to the doctors to get it all checked out. 

    I was reading up and almost all symptoms sound like CFS but i'm probably just over thinking things x

  • Hi Becca, this is exactly how I feel every single day. I could happily stay in the bed or on the sofa all day doing nothing, which is not like me. I'm struggling to concentrate when I'm studying and it also affects my job. I'm going to the toilet a few times at night even if I'm trying to drink less water in the evening and go a few times to the toilet just before bed. Sometimes it makes me wonder why we have those symptoms, is it the hormones like you mentioned or because of interrupted night or because of the pain... x

  • Hi Sophie, thanks for replying!

    It's an awful thing isn't it?! It's affecting my job too as I'm having to cut down hours! My PCS makes it all so much worse too :( 

    I get brain fog all of the time and all I want is rest!

    Have you been to the doctors about yours? x

  • It is an awful disease. I believe that not many people understand or know how much it affects our life emotionally and physically.

    I'm sorry to hear that it's affecting your job so much that you have to cut down your hours. I hope that your employer will understand the reasons behind your decision.  

    I went to see my GP who examined me and said that I have slight tenderness on the left iliac fossa and it is nothing to do with endo, ignoring the rest of my symptoms. But after pushing I did managed to get a referral to see endo specialist.

    Try to keep positive as much as you can and don't let endo to take over your life. Keep us updated about your job and how you feel. There is nothing worse than feeling lonely and this is the best place to share you bad days and experiences x

  • Luckily I work with family so they know I'm really not very well at the moment. I have my good and bad days i guess.

    I'm glad things are hopefully being sorted for you!

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate all the help and love x

  • Thank you Becca, I'm hoping to get sorted soon, however from my past experience I know that it will take a while. But i'm trying to be patient :)

    You are more than welcome! I'm glad that your family is understanding and that you getting support from them. Now you need to take care of yourself and your health x

  • I don't know why, but you're not alone x

  • I'm the same I normally have 8 hours sleep but I'm up 4 times a night usually a week before my period. Its hard as I work in a nursery and struggle with work and remembering everything. Least your family understand my fiance doesn't understand why at the weekend I just wanna watch a film and sleep hope your job works out for you

  • Thanks so much for your reply.

    I hope people will start to understand it more for you and you're on the mend soon x

  • I can totally relate! I used to work in a nursery too and really struggled because of the fatigue. I still feel like I have no energy and am burnt out by the weekend but I'm in an office job now which is less strenuous and I only work 4 days a week which helps. I hope you are getting support at work, don't run yourself into the ground like I did. Life is too short. X

  • my work don't no anything about it, they no I have an appointment at hospital but I haven't said anything coz I worried they wont understand as it not a well know illness. Also if I'm off I don't get paid so have to work as I'm getting married next year and I have 3 jobs while my fiance is a student so it is pretty tough. Sorry to hear you've been through it all glad you've change your job sounds much easier. I wish I could.

  • Ah that was the same with my old nursery. Just so you know though endometriosis is a long term health condition so depending on the severity I think it should be covered under the equality act. It's about checking what's covered as a protected characteristic. It would be worth telling your boss about it as legally they would need to make reasonable adjustments for you.

    Good luck with the wedding and everything x

  • I dunno what will happen as I'm on agency and I'm worried they get rid of me for someone healthily. I will be.telling them.just waiting to see what the gynaecologist says. Thanks 😊

  • I get it as well. Actually asked the girls on here about exhaustion a couple of weeks back as I thought I'm going mad. When its bad I snap at people close to me and I feel so bad for doing it. You can barely lift your head off the pillow and everything is an effort. I just went back to my dr yesterday and she is going to refer me back as my symptoms are becoming bad again.

    It is one of the symptoms and sadly it is the hardest to combat as nothing can be given for exhaustion. I hate to say this but you need to go with your body otherwise you'll become even more tired.

    Definitely get it checked out as its not just endo that can cause these problems. Many other medical conditions can cause extreme tiredness.

    Hope you get it sorted ☺️

  • Thanks so much for replying.

    That is exactly how I feel!

    My symptoms are also coming back so I'm going to return to my GP and gyno to check things are okay.

    I hope that you get your answers soon x

  • I am in the same boat unfortunately but my GP isn't taking much notice. It's horrible feeling like you're too tired to enjoy your life. For me this is one of the worst symptoms of our condition. I hate that I don't have the energy to live my life.

    I hope that you do get some answers anyway and if you do please share here x

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