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So physically exhausted all the time, any ideas??

Hi lovely ladies, recently I have started getting my pain back, I had my last lap 4 months ago! It's not the pain that's bothering me so much ATM though, it's my fatigue!! I physically feel like a zombie all day, I've tried eating better, taking vitimans but nothing is working! It's to the point where I'm struggling to hold my job!!

If anyone has any idea on what I can do to make myself feel physically better I would love your help!! Xx

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Sorry to hear re your endo and fatigue.It is really common to have fatigue with endo,but you need to get checked out for other causes -anaemia,thyroid,CFS,all which can occur alongside endo.

Could you try the endo diet -lots of posts here on this.Complimentary therapies - I attend a medicinal herbalist and nutritionist.Others on here have tried acupuncture,chinese medicine.

Are you bleeding heavily or all the time?What medications are you taking?Also it depends on how much work was done at your lap -some can be very major ops,so it may be you need a very long recovery time.

Don't let doctors dismiss your fatigue as it could be endo related or unconnected.

Keep us posted.


Hi dafodil..im going fr my op in 2 wks.vry scared.endo in bowel muscle.gynae removin uterus ovary n resectin da bowel .pls gv advice.hv u hd any ops...or u hv strtd alternate therapy pls advice.cos I wl b sitin wth da bag..wich I dnt wnt.my pain is vry severe.nw it nt nly cum wth period .it cum wen I hv a bowel movement. .I tke painkilers evry mornin.or my day cnt strt.i cnt b normal to do cookin or seein to kids.gynae gvn me Injection to stop p fr 3 mnths bt da pain is der wen bowel wrks .im mentally xhaustedpls reply soon .many tnx..


hi Daffodil

Exactly the same thing is happening to me! I am so exhausted all the time, to the point where I am now only working 3 days, and I'm also getting really short of breath when I do things. And in the last few months I've been getting a deep aching pain in my back and hips, especially when I try to do things, sometimes further down my legs into my foot - does that sound similar? It means I can't get about anywhere near as much as before. I'm also getting dizzy/probs with balance and for a while had probs swallowing too. It all started when the pain got really bad early last year, but didn't improve after my lap (though general gynae pain did improve vastly). Tests showed I had hashimoto's thyroiditis, though that seems to have levelled out, and I had a slight vit d deficiency which has been treated, but I still feel wrecked! My doc has been great thankfully and has sent me for tons of tests - I'm currently seeing endocrinology and I am soon going to a respiratory clinic. No joy yet though. I think it's worth them testing your thyroid though and vit d levels as a starter. I hope they sort it out for you. I really sympathise with you! x


Thank You for your replies ladies, I've had several blood tests done in the last few days, I'll get them back tomorrow or Monday :) I've gone back to working part time as I can't handle full time :( but my company is happy to still have me ATM so that's great! The only thing to ease my pain is my heat pack and I'm still unconfortable!

Daffodil, I had 2 laps in about one month, when they first when in they burnt off what they could and realised my appendix needed taken as my endo had attached to it, but they disnt want to do that all in one op as it was too much, so I went in again to get that removed and have more removed! I would think my body would have recovered by now though??

Im yet to try the endo diet but I'm defently going to give that a go once I get my bloods back!!

Thank you for your help ladies :) xx


hi ladies

just reading all your posts and believe it or not but good pain management is the way to go. its the chronic pain that wears you out and even though the pain is bearable most of the time is grinding you down and making you tired.

it was my excision specialist who told me this and since i started taking my co-dydramol (paracetamol and dihydrocodeine) four times a day pain or no pain my energy levels have increased and im sleeping better. i also take lyrica but im not sure its working great for my pain and considering trying something else and last night in work the pain got so bad i bought a tens machine which helped my sciatic type pain and got me through the rest of my shift without murdering someone.

so my suggestion is start with paracetamol four times a day and work up from there. youll need to see the doctor to get something stronger then paracetamol after that or if you have codeine top up with that when needed.

i would also ask for a referral to a pain management clinic. ive been waiting over a month for mine so far despite being referred by my specialist but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

good luck girls xx


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