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I hope someone can help :(

I don't know if anyone has had this or has any advice what I should do. I don't know if it's endo related I don't think so but someone might have had a similar experience. Basically I can't go toilet for a wee with screaming, it's like razor blades, I have had plenty of water infections and kidney infections the pain is completely different it isn't a burning like with an infection. It stings so bad I dread needing the toilet. My boyfriend has just had to let me squeeze his hand whilst I went toilet. I can't bare it, I'm not sure what to do. I really don't think it's an infection. I can tell the difference like I say iv had so many infections and this is nothing like it. I hope someone can help or be able to give advice on what I should do. If anyone has had anything similar I would be greatful for any help. I'm so tempted to go hospital it's that bad I just don't want to go toilet. Thanks for any help in advance :) xx

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No experience in this but I would seek medical help as sounds very painful xx hopefully just a nasty uti xxx good luck 


It could be cystitis.  Horrid and sounds just like it. You can get medication over the counter for it.  Hope this helps and that you find relief soon x


I am in bladder pain tonight and have just made some lemon barley water just wash barley and boil it and drink the water with half a squeezed lemon in it or wash and soak barley for 24 hours and drink the water with lemon juice  lots of stuff on the internet about barley  and uti . Although obviously this isn't instead of going to the dr but until you can get there may give you some relief organic barley is best but on a bank holiday Eve you may not be able to get that 😂😂 but you may be able to get pearl barley from corner shop look up lemon barley receipe online too maybe 💗 Or lemon juice in hot water good too. Hope you feel better soon .



I would see a doctor and try and get seen by urology if you are having those sort of problems it needs looked into it could be lots of things but if you have a lot of infections they are supposed to refer you,also google kidney stones they can cause painful urinary problems.i hope you get sorted soon.

All the best treez


Hi just to add to what everyone has said try lemon barley it does help and drink plenty. I am having urinary problems that they think is being caused by my endometriosis and when I got a slight infection in January it honestly felt like razor blades coming out it was excruciating and I did go to a and e because it was so much worse than my usual uti symptoms,so defiantly go to the doctor to check.it could be a uti on top of something else going on with your endometriosis. Ask to be referred to if you've had a lot.hope you feel better soon xx


I would recommend being referred to a urologist straight away! I had the same experience coupled with flu like symptoms , after 6 months of going to the GP and having antibiotics repeatedly I ended up in A&E and they found that my endo had completely shut my right ureta and my right kidney was completely blocked! The endo had wrapped itself around the ureta and now after four operations and a kidney reinplantation I only have 7% function on that side! Go early and get help, you shouldn't have to live in so much pain 💗 Xx


I get the exact same pains you are talking about. I get them everytime I'm on my period and for a couple of days after. Im nearly in tears everytime i go to the toilet and dread having to go to. Ive recently noticed that i have been restricting how much I drink so I won't have to go as much as normal.

I have recently been diganosed with endrometriosis. I see an endometriosis specialist next Tuesday for the next step


Hi everyone thanks for you advice, I now have severe lower abdominal pain and bleeding. I'm curled up in a ball to try and take the pain away iv already had painkillers. Any ideas what it is? Should I go to the hospital? Thanks everyone for your support xx


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