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Has a laparoscopy made it worse? :(

I'm twenty only symptom was pain during intercourse after a long road I had my lap jan 7th and they excised my endometriosis that they said before my lap I definatley didn't have! Since my lap, the pain during intercourse is still there but less intense, but now I get more pain after sex, which never happened before, also sometimes I can feel dull aching in my stomach , particularly on the lower left side, also now every time I go to the toilet not just around my period can cause a pain in the same spot, this can happen even if I need a wee! None of these things happened before I feel like the lap has given me more symptoms not taken them away! Sorry if tmi but I have no idea what to do now , can Endo come back that quickly or is it scar tissue perhaps or something else! Any ideas :( xx

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I'm not sure what is going on with you but it really can take months for things to settle after lap maybe give it a little more time

Best wishes

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Im 6weeks post lap and iv awful pains and down my thights.. this is my 2nd lap and 1st one after i felt great untill the 3rd month when it all was back to pain again.. but this time its been constant pain and alot worse. Woundered if mine was due to having marina coil fitted... Just wish would stop as i also feel iv gained more pain that b4.


I hope we all find a treatment soon, I just really pinned my hopes on having pain relief after surgery, not more problems x


Ever since my lap in April last year.. My symptoms have got worse I went back to my gyno for a follow up about a month later and he said it was normal to still be in pain after a laproscophy.. But it never really got any better .. Maybe for 2 months but that was all and before I never had paib during intercourse but now I do. It's mad isn't it. Hope u get some answers xx


I go back to the pain clinic in May , but can't understand why the lap has made it worse, and if it will actually get better x


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