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Been given my lap date and now I'm scared that they won't find anything. Help please


I had a lap when I was 22 which found nothing and now at the age of 30 I've been referred again because I stopped taking the mini pill and my symptoms got worse.

I am just looking for someone who can tell me it's not all in my head really.

I have really bad ovulation pains with bad bloating, heavy, long and painful periods and random pains in my thighs, lower back and ribs.

I just don't know if this is what i am supposed to go through as a woman.

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Hiya, i was wondering the same thing right up until I got my lap last Friday, I kept being told it was all in my head, then it might be a bowel problem, but I knew there was more to it. As I was being prepared for my lap, the surgeon came into me and talked about my symptoms, he seemed convinced it was my bowels too, but he would go ahead with the lap to rule endo out. He was so wrong, I have extensive endo across my pelvis. It just goes to show they can be wrong until they actually do the procedure, so it’s definitely not all in your head x

Bobz1987 in reply to Slm327

Thank you darling. I have moments when I'm like nope this isn't IBS which I have been told for the last 11 years and other moments when like maybe I should just get on with it.

But they did find a cyst in my uterus which is full of blood so that's not normal right?

This is a perfect example of how it’s not in your head. Can you manifest a cyst in your uterus using just your head? No! God these Drs make me so angry.

Hiya, I’ve been told for years I’ve just had ‘bad periods’ and Endo was never actually mentioned as a possibility until I brought it up to my GP and even then was told it wouldn’t be that etc.

I had a lap 2 weeks ago and despite being told by everyone round me and every scan coming back clear they found and diagnosed me with Endo. The night before the lap I was beside myself worrying they wouldn’t find anything.

I think the best advice is to trust your gut and know that you’re the only one that really knows your body. If your body is telling you somethings not quite right then go with and know that you’re in no way crazy. I think all of us have felt that way at one point or another! You’re not alone in it and I really hope you get your diagnosis xx

Bobz1987 in reply to Cmmo519

Thank you so much! How is your recovery going? Did they do any treatment? X x x

Cmmo519 in reply to Bobz1987

My recovery is going well. The incisions are so tiny now and my pain has significantly decreased. Mentally I feel great because I finally have an answer!

They treated it with laser but if I’m honest I can’t really remember what my surgeon said as I was so groggy! All I know is they found it and treated it and that’s good enough for me! xx

Babe, it is not in your head. And ignore any idiot who says it is ok. And you know your body better than anyone.

It's almost like I'm used to feeling like crap now so that's why I doubt myself. But the more I talk to my friends I realise what i go through near my every day isn't normal. Is it bad that I will feel relief to have a diagnosis but also angry that it's taken half my life to do so? X

I know exactly how you feel hon. I’m beyond angry with things right now. I haven’t had a period in 14 months and my FSH is 6.6 when it should be around 9-10. And I have no answers apart from, it’s likely your ovaries are shutting down and you’re going into menopause. So I’m just left not knowing what to do? I want an MRI for my back and womb as I was also told years ago it might be adenomyosis. But nothing was done because she left my local hospital!

You have every right to feel angry. The way we are treated is disgusting. The average diagnosis time for endometriosis is 7-8 years. I was spot on at 7 years. Before diagnosis I was told it’s in my head, my weight, 9 stone?!

If I have to explain to anyone about the pain, I’ve got used to calling it “my normal”.

It’s just disgusting the way we’re ignored for so long. I really hope you get your answers hon. Because the way you feel physically ain’t normal, not even close. I wish you the best of luck and don’t let them intimidate you. You know your own body xx

I feel your frustration and understand your concerns.

I suffered 6 years of infertility and 3 years of many abnormalities in my cycles which no one could explain; until I got diagnosed with endometriosis.

Before my op I was like worried I wouldn’t get answers and the medics would be like yep it’s in your head!!

My endo re grew quickly after my chemical pregnancy and again no medics believed it could re grow so quickly ( within a a mont or two) fortunately I have a good fertility specialist and he sent me to a gynaecologist. I had my second lap and like you I was worried it was all in my head but no it was back and worse; I’m now under a endometriosis specialist and waiting my third lap. This time I won’t be paranoid I know it’s been left all over my rectum 🤦🏽‍♀️

It’s awful it takes so long to diagnose and makes us look and feel like lunatics because so called scans announced “ all normal” endo doesn’t show on a scan! 🙈

I hope attitudes change in the medical community and it is detected sooner.

Glad you have a date and I hope you get answers. These symptoms are not normal and are not part of being a woman. Can you imagine if this happened to men the outcry 😡 xoxo

Bobz1987 in reply to jess1981

Thank you so much for your response! I am angry at myself as well for being fobbed off for the last 16 years.

Hardly anyone seems to understand what endometriosis is and I'm still learning as the first time it was suggested to me was by my amazing gp.

It shouldn't be a luck of the draw on who you see!

X x x

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