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Please help

I'm currently waiting for a gynaecologist app but am suffering with extreme bloating/swelling. I've had this for weeks now and no sign of it going down.

Blood, urine, swabs and ultrasound ok (although I'm having another of pelvic area and liver, kidneys etc)

I've had 2 sections both with wound infections so am wondering if adhesions would do this or possible endo.

I do have endo symptoms leg, back and hip pain. Bad painful periods, strange movements in my pelvic area and really bad abdominal pain.

This seemed to pick up 3 months after coming off the pill.

Really need some help as I'm struggling to lead a normal life.

Thanks in advance x

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Hey, sorry you feel like this. Could you be intolerant to any foods - relating to the bloating? C sections can cause endometriosis in the scar tissue so it’s possible. I thought I had it there too but it wasn’t - just my tubes, uterus and right ovary. I use a hot water bottle for the pain and bloating - hope you feel better soon xx


I've had a coeliac test and am waiting results but the bloating happened as soon as I had extreme pain but just hasnt gone. Just don't know what to do with myself as I don't feel right anymore.

My first post on my profile is how my last month has been but I have no clue if it is or sounds like endometriosis. It's all so new to me. I've also been to A and E 3 times in agony.

Thank you for taking the time to reply x


Gosh, what your going through is really tough. I guess until you know what’s causing this, there’s no way of you knowing what’s making it worse and how to relieve it other than pain meds. I had weird pain during all of my periods and they were very irregular as a teenager. I went on the combined pill and no issues. Came off, got pregnant, had a baby and went back on. When I came off again that’s when I noticed things were more abnormal than before, I had period pain all the time and brown spotting - never pink or red. I had leg pains, the whole of my lower tummy felt like I’d been scored on the inside and I went to my GP in tears. They offered me antidepressants! Which I refused, I was so p’d off they hadn’t taken me seriously. So I went back and through me holding my tongue and not arguing with them and hiding how I really felt about my situation (I.e not breaking down) I was referred and they weren’t going to at first. Once referred, the gyno knew immediately I had endo although didn’t directly say it, they said ‘we want to do a lap and see if you’ve got it’. I had no idea what endometriosis was. So, I feel your pain. Especially this time of year, just keep your chin up and keep fighting for answers. I’m in a much better place now because I have mine and I know my situation. Xx


So frustrating and an extremely emotional time isnt it. I think because I don't know what's wrong it definitely contributes to how I feel and the waiting knowing I have to get through each day one at a time is so hard.

Thank you for replying, just feel a bit desperate at the moment to find answers xx

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We’ve all been there xx


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