Hospital 2mrw 7am eek

Hospital 2mrw 7am eek

Well girls iv done the bowel prep since 8am mmm strange experience not one I would recommend, well surgery in the morn for full hysterectomy due to endo in side my uterus and tubes, the bowel surgery and bladder surgery all in one go plus to have a look and see if I have endo on my appendix so quite a major op I'm told poss 8hrs in theatre slightly nervous now to be honest xx

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I am sending you lots of love and sincere best wishes for your surgery tomorrow.

Cyber hugs.

Barbara xxx


Hope all goes well for you x

Good luck, hope all goes well xx

Good luck for tomorrow

Hi! I'm waiting for the date for my op (full hysterectomy, bowel resection and removal of endo and lesions) and I can't wait, just want to start on the road to recovery so I can get my life back! Can't imagine what it is going to feel like the day before, so I am sending you my love and best wishes and hope that helps a bit!! Good luck XX

Hello & good luck with a speedy recovery.

I have just been diagnosed with a very similar problem to yours & am awaiting major surgery . X

hope u have a speedy recovery take your time, best wishes luv katy xxx

Hope it all goes well, few more weeks until mine, but worried.

Oh so brave best of luck hope your soon feeling better

lots of love

Persil xx

Thanks girls long surgery but had hysterectomy and tubes removed, endo on bowel bladder appendix tummy and tummy button all cut out the cut bowel away from inside wall where it was attached and twisted so more than I thought plus blood transfusion thanks for all ur well wishes xx

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