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Major stage 4 endo surgery - NHS hospital or Endo specialist Centre???

Hi guys, I wrote a few weeks back about surgery I am waiting on for stage 4 endo. It involves a tubo ovarian abscess, removal of a blocked tube and an ovary and very likely opening up my bowel removing endo / part of the abscess and doing a resection. So I've been waiting for a surgery date through the NHS, but someone mentioned on here about getting an operation like this done under the BSGE (a specialist endo centre) and having endo specialist surgeons perform the operation rather than just a general gynae / colorectal surgeon at my local hospital.

I've rang my local bsge centre in Birmingham today and they have booked me in for a consultation tomorrow morning and have said that if I were to pay private the op could be done in the next couple of weeks. (I am very fortunate to have such generous in laws who have already said they would pay for any private treatment just to try and get me better now) so my question is - what would your advice be on getting a big operation like this done, is it worth paying the money to get it done by an endo specialist including a colorectal endo surgeon as well rather than just the general one at my hospital?? Help, so confused! Xxx

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I think you can get this done with and endo specialist on NHS via Choose and Book but you would be added to a waiting list. Defo better to go with an endo specialist but paying for quicker treatment is up to you

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Thanks Skylar, yeah the lady I spoke to did mention I could get it done at their clinic through the NHS but like you say I'd have to be put at the end of the waiting list & I can't bare to wait much longer for this as my life is completely on hold, I can hardly get out of bed most days. Thanks so much for giving your opinion on using the endo specialist xxxx


I've had 2 surgeries for severe endo at a bsge centre through the NHS. I would absolutely recommend being treated at one instead of by general gynae (in fact you should be treated at one if you have severe endo). My MIL offered to pay so I could be seen privately but we said no and I waited for NHS treatment and although it meant a longer wait, I just could not have let her pay that sort of money when I could access the treatment for free. However it really depends on your circumstances and what you feel comfortable with.


BSGE doesnt mean 'private' hospital. I had my surgery at Burnley General Hospital under Mr Aty who is an Endometriosis specialist. I think Preston is a BSGE hospital too! just because its an NHS hospital, doesnt mean its general and just because its private, doesnt mean its BSGE. One thing to note is a private hospital doesnt have an Intensive Care Unit should they need one! That would be one point id like to point out!


hi. Hope your ok. I've got stage 3 but with 4 chocolate cysts that like to keep us on our toes.

we saw the endometriosis specialist privately ( spoke to someone at 9 am and had an appointment by lunchtime!). Due to the surgery that needs doing on my bowel he can't do the operation privately so we've had to go onto the nhs waiting as already mentioned the private hospital wouldn't have the facilities to cover unexpected twists so we're waiting for now.

if we could of had the operation done privately we would have as I was only diagonsed in September 16 and its had a big impact on our lives ☹ .

go with what is best and safest for you. Good luck. Xx


BSGE centre for sure! Mine was through NHS at a BSGE centre xx


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