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Post op question - hysterectomy and bladder probs

Hi ladies hope you are all as well as can be!

I have a question about post op bladder problems. I had hysterectomy and ovary removal yesterday and woke up with a catheter. This was removed today and I managed to go for a few wees, it felt uncomfortable but I managed and there was quite a lot there. I was sent home from hospital today and before I left I was struggling to go as I felt like I needed to go but it was just trickling, I informed the nurse of this and she said I probably didn't need to go as much as I thought I did. Since getting home I haven't managed a 'proper wee' and it's just trickling and I feel like I'm forcing it out even though it feels like I need to go! Sorry for TMI but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I've had 4 other surgeries before this one and I don't remember this happening.

Thank you :)


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Hi Jill

I've actually had a really similar thing this week. I had a lap last Friday and had a catheter in until Monday when i came home, was fine first couple of times but then for the first few days at home I felt like I was really having to force it out. Thankfully it has got a lot easier in the last day and seems a lot more normal now. I would suggest that if you are still the same tomorrow/Sunday then definitely worth calling the doctor for advice, its not worth leaving it and worrying. Annoyingly this is something I find differs every time as I also had a major lap in August and had issues after that which were completely the opposite and largely due to major bruising and took 6 weeks to get back to normal.

Hope your recovery goes well, sounds like you are doing ok if you are home already, just take it slowly x


Jill, I have had the same hyst 10 yrs ago and ovary out Monday, this is very normal so don't panic, it may take a couple of weeks to settle completely, try to keep to your pain relief pattern ie every 4 hours as I've been told in the early days this help.

Keep you chin up and don't worry, bladders as very sensitive and get upset when surgery is performed even if it wasn't actually damaged.



Thanks for the replies ladies. I need to stop panicking that something went wrong and concentrate on my recovery! Best wishes in both of your recoveries

Jill xx


I remember having the same worries and sensation with my bladder whilst recovering from my laparoscopy. I was sure that they must have done some damage. But I'm glad to say it sorted itself out and probably just needed recovery time :) I know you feel rotten right now. I wish you all the best and hope you heal well x


Drink plenty! Water is the best but it can get a bit boring so you can also try Orange barley water as it doesn't irritate your bladder. If your symptoms do to settle or you develop a fever, increased burning on passing urine or have blood in your urine you should see your GP so that they can rule out an infection and give you antibiotics if needed.

Hope you feel better soon .


Thank you for the replies! I have been drinking loads and it has got a bit easier I think I was just worried that something had gone wrong. I only stayed in hospital overnight and was not ready to come home when I did I felt pressured to leave and I didn't get any of my questions answered I was just sent on my way with a bag full of meds and told I will get an appt with consultant in 3 months time

Jill x


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