Post op bladder endemetriosis removal

Hi, I am 26 years old and had a laparoscopy to remove severe bladder endemetriosis 9 days ago and had my cathater removed yesterday after the scan showed no leakage from my bladder when full. On the way home I had an accident in the car because traffic was bad and took us over 30 mins to get home and now I am home and drinking regularly I need the toilet at least every 30 mins. The nurse told me to let them know if I didn't think I was emptying my bladder but I know my surgeon told me to expect some frequency has anyone been through this and have any advice on what I should do? It would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Expect some changes for a few days because it messes with your bodily functions but keep on touch with your hospital or doctors in the meantome.good luck.x

  • Thank you!xx

  • Hello there, I am literally the same as you!

    I'm 3 months post op, I had a catheter in for a week also. (I'm 26 too)

    I wore sanitary towels almost everyday for 2 months post-op, as i was getting minor leaking. For the first 3 weeks I was going to the toilet almost every 20 minutes and I was having to sit there for a while to fully empty my bladder.

    Now, I go to the toilet every 2/3hours, I still have to sit for longer than I'd like to fully empty my bladder, if not I end up going back within 10 minutes! Sometimes when I laugh, I can have a minor leak, I still don't think I have fully healed on my bladder, when I have to go and I leave it for too long, it starts to hurt and makes me limp!

    So don't panic too much yet, I'd honestly say 6 months and see where you are then, (I'm not judging my recovery until after 6 months to even a year!) but if you are worried then do ring your nursing team!

    Try not to wait and hold it in too long, don't drink any more or any less than you usually would.

    Sorry if it sounds like I am talking about myself, I hope it will help you so you don't feel totally alone with it, another lady I spoke to had the same surgery/surgeon and it helped to know how it went for her after with her bladder.

    Hope you have a good recovery! Xx

  • Hi,

    That's really great thank you. It's great to know you're not alone and also not going crazy!! 2-3 hours sounds like the dream! I'm making a note of when I go to see if I can try go a little longer each time! But depends on how much water I've drank etc!

    Thank you for your reply and hope your recovery continues to go well!x

  • That is great to know. I am due to have endo removed from my bladder in September. The consultant did say I may need a catheter for 1-2 weeks afterwards. Do you need to get up often at night too?

    All the best

  • Hello there!

    I used to get up every night, but now I never do!

    I think I've got up maybe 3 times in the night since the operation! And that was only because I'd had a lot of water before bed!

    Good luck for yours in September, I hope it goes well! X

  • Thank you very much for your reply. Hope you are recovering well.

  • MeganMae I woke up on average every 2 hours last night to go to the toilet and at the end I sort of felt everything tightening as if it was stopping me from emptying my bladder. Did you experience this as well? X

  • Sorry for the late reply!

    That's quite a lot to wake up, I've felt the tightening before, feels like you need to go but just can't? But the amount of time you are going is quite a lot! Did you ring the nursing team?

  • Yeah the tightening sounds like that. I used to get it before as a symptom of the endo but now I guess it's just a post op thing? I only got up twice last night which wasn't as bad. I haven't phone the nurse yet...

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