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Post hysterectomy


Morning all, just an update! Had my LAVH last Monday, got home a week today! My recovery has been mixed I’d say, scars and tummy sore initially but then the wind set in from where they pump you with gas!!! Omg I’ve been in so much pain but it seems to be settling now! As far as the operation went, everything was removed, the bowel endometriosis was removed successfully and around the wall. Straight on HRT tablets which I seem fine on at the moment. So all good! Looking forward to feeling 100% for the first time in years!!!! 😊

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yay, wow, so pleased for you! xxx

I have my second op with rectal shave on the 24th and i'll be in hospital for 2 nights, so worried! had one op before but just a day case.

Fantastic news, glad to hear you are on the mend. Did your Consultant give you the HRT? When I asked mine about it, due my hyster in September, he said I'd have to see my GP after the op which sounds a pest. How long were you in the hospital for?

Hi, well they should have given me the tablets when I left but they forgot!!!! Anyway I got a call a couple of days later and had to get someone to pick them up. I had my op Monday afternoon and left on Wednesday lunch.

Great, it's the time in hospital I am most worried about to be honest, I'd rather be at home. Hopefully as I am being done at a private hospital I will get my own room and edible food!

Oh you will be fine they don’t like to keep you in anyway! Good luck 😊

Try not to worry I’m sure it will be worth it in the end! Good luck with it 😊

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